As with all things in life, with the blessings also come the challenges. So goes this month of March. First the good stuff.

Venus just entered her rulership Taurus, joining Jupiter which has been there for some time. The down-to-earth, practical artisan sign of Taurus innately understands the good life; but it is not afraid of hard work and knows what it means to earn money and make a living. Taurus is the “show me the money” sign and rules the stock market. Hence the phrase: “It is a bull market”.

Taurus has a softer side too, the artistic earth mother. Some of our greatest artists are Taurean: Barbra Streisand, Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dali, Greta Garbo to name a few. Rarely do creators born under the sign of the bull fit the classic image of the starving artist. Rather, these folks are masters of combining ingenuity with pragmatism. Specifically, they value worth, especially their worth and do not shrink from acquiring adequate compensation for their efforts. Remember, Taurus is ruled by Venus, goddess of love. She knows love begins with the Self. And the goddess loves herself very much by enveloping her life with valuables: creature comforts and the means to obtain them. So although a female Taurus might be a vision of angelic femininity, never forget that underneath she has the iron will of a bull. In the end, she gets what she wants!

So how does this energy parlay itself for each of us? This month, the coupling of titan Jupiter, bearer of blessings and abundance, with Venus, planet of love and money delivers the goods wherever it passes through our charts. For some, this could result in actual money. One of the largest powerball jackpots ever was recently claimed for $336 million. For others, the Venus-Jupiter pairing will bear harmonious relationships, peace of mind, restoration of health, a new job.

As if this pairing wasn’t enough, Venus and Jupiter will form a beautiful angle with transformer Pluto and action-trigger Mars. Simply said: four planets in earth signs equals manifestation. Glad tidings to you! The effects of this carry forward through the rest of March so make the most of this time. This week in particular Venus also aligns with its higher octave, dreamy Neptune, underscoring the cosmic goodies you receive. Contributing to these beneficial results as well is the continuing alliance of dream-machine Neptune and Saturn. We will need all of these universal blessings as we face the month ahead.

Thursday’s full moon in analytical Virgo certainly gleans each and every part of the work that needs to be done. For those stricken by the unprecedented rash of March tornadoes in the South and Midwest, this will help you pick up the pieces in order to go on. Uranus, planet of surprise conjoined with messenger Mercury in fiery Aries is delivering complete upheaval. However, with this pair comes a significant bright side: potential EUREKA breakthroughs in technology and science. Without exaggeration, long-awaited cures for disease are upon us. Expect the unexpected….accidental discoveries. And accidents. Complete unpredictablity is the watchword.

This is magnified by Mercury’s retrograde phase from March `12-April 5. If you find yourself with that Taurean windfall mentioned earlier, hold off on major purchases and signing contracts until mid-April. I know that t he last thing you will feel like doing as the earth warms up is turning inward as the retrograde suggests. But if you do need to boost your self worth by spending that extra cash or time with a new special someone, do it over a spa weekend or getaway retreat. And you may very well want to hide around the time of the spring equinox (March 20), when the Sun joins Mercury and Uranus. Unrest in the middle east will reach fever pitch. Think revolution. Stalwart structures such as banking and government will continue to experience upheaval. This is not a time for the faint of heart. Remember, in order to evolve, the old must give way to the new. This nearly always involves a period of breaking down so a new order may be created. Think about how life is calling, perhaps demanding, you to change. Note to self: flow rather than fight. Resisting only brings pain and shame. After all, if Syrian President Assad had chosen to flow rather than fight, how many of his citizens would still be living?

May the force be with you!