This first week of May finds us moving toward a Full Moon….yes, that’s right:   Full Moon in Capital Letters.  Popular culture has come to label Perigee full moons such as the one on Saturday, May 5th as “Super Moons”.  The term stems from the fact that a Perigee moon is one that is in closest orbit to the earth.

How does this impact us?  Just as the tides of our oceans are influenced by the moon, so does the moon affect our lives.  All full moons bring culmination to any matters:  court decisions, graduations, debts to be settled, turning points in relationships, etc.  Full moons mean fruition.

So a Super Moon, especially this one in the sign of Scorpio, is bigger and stronger.  You will feel the effects of this culminating cycle for sure, if you haven’t already.  Scorpio rules passion and sex, mysteries, and shared resources.  By the end of this week you may find yourself in a tidal wave of romance, uncovering long-sought answers to a matter hidden for years, or dealing with the IRS (yes, the Tax Man who manages shared resources is a Scorpio).  This is a sign that plumbs the depths, takes pleasure in going deep.  And whatever it uncovers under the bright glare of this Super Moon will be highly revealing!  So a word to the wise:  do not even try hiding something, be it an affair, issues dealing with money, or otherwise.

On the heels of the full moon, Jupiter conjoins the Sun in the sign of Taurus over Mother’s Day weekend.  Your inner artist or gardener will get an immense boost from this combination.  How lovely!  Now is a great time to plant anything out of doors.  For those born in the sign of Taurus, enjoy the wonderful energy coming your way during the next year; as it only occurs once every twelve years.

This mid-month period is enhanced by Mars making a beautiful angle to Pluto in the earthy signs of Virgo and Capricorn.  Health or work related problems that have remained elusive will now find solutions.  Practicality rules… so dive into any endeavor involving building something from the ground up:  be it actual construction, a project or business.

Also occurring at mid-month, Venus turns retrograde.  As the planet ruling love and money moves inward, you may want to hold off until the end of June before leaping into new relationships or changing the status of a special relationship, such as engagement or marriage.  Consider as well waiting to invest funds in new markets, stocks or business enterprises.  Take these next few weeks to do your homework about how to invest your hard-earned dollar; evaluate how you really feel about that new love interest.  Is he or she truly right for you?  How do you see any future together?

The end of May brings some key answers.  First, a solar eclipse occurs on May 20 at the very beginning of messenger sign Geminii.  This event, along with the conjoining of the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Geminii bears significant information for each and every one of us.  Use this time to pause, take a breath, close your eyes and hear what the universe is trying to impart.  The last week of May, you will be given the answers to your questions:  just open your heart and mind to learn how best you can grow.