Never a dull moment as the cosmos continually churns things up to push us forward!

We are on the cusp of a full moon in Leo that occurs tomorrow, Tuesday. Think boundless courage and creativity. It is really difficult to hide yourself or anything you want to keep hush-hush under the blazing light of Madame Moon. So take advantage of this glorious lunar spotlight: ask how you can shine? Make like a lion and roar! Let your voice be heard. This is no time for shrinking violets. Rather, it is a great week for unleashing creativity, be it projects or ideas.

Aiding and abetting this energy is Neptune. Last week, the Dream Weaver moved into its own sign of Pisces where it shall remain for a nice long time. How long you may ask…? Oh, until 2025. So we might as well settle in for what Neptune does best: making exquisite music and art, dreaming up solutions to stubborn problems, caring for our fellow man, animals and planet with a level of compassion to make Mother Theresa proud.

But be careful. Just as Neptune is the highest form of divine love, it also rules the lowest man has to offer: drugs/alcohol, addiction, escapism. Its astrological sign Pisces is symbolized by two fishes swimming in opposite directions. Make sure you are not pulled down below the surface by the fish headed the wrong way. Attach yourself to the fish swimming toward a productive, healthy future. Wherever Neptune is passing through your chart, you will face two distinct choices: dissolution or creative dream building. Sometimes this can occur simultaneously as we may be relunctant to let go of part of our lives that is no longer useful. So a relationship, job or habit may dissolve like quicksand. And there is nothing we can do about it. You may find yourself scratching your head, quoting that line from the Talking Heads song….”well, how did I get here?”

Never fear. If a piece of your life isn’t working for you, the cosmic dissolver Neptune appears to virtually wash it away so you can start fresh. That’s where creative dream building comes into play. How should you really be spending your hours here on earth? Dream. Then build.

Enter Saturn. The planetary taskmaster continues to make a beautiful angle to Neptune through the end of March. Saturn will help you plan and execute your dreams. This energy is catalyzed by Saturn’s opposition to titanic Jupiter in pragmatic, earthy Taurus, doubly ensuring you will not float out to sea on ethereal Neptune’s waves; rather, you are safely tethered to earth with enough breathing room to grow. Strengthening our growth and evolution is Jupiter’s solid angle to Pluto which continues to build through mid-March. Material resources are here to support us as we take initial steps forward. Leap and the net will appear. Close your eyes and go for it!

Remember, it is easier to change if we are in the driver’s seat operating the controls rather than being controlled for our own good. Stay ahead of the curve instead of risking being struck by the cosmic cattle prod forcing change upon you. A few planetary interactions this month will take care of that. First, Saturn just turned retrograde at a critical degree of Libra, the relationship czar. This is urging us to look closely at those around us as we set sail to our dreams. Are the people close to us (including ourselves) helpful or hurtful? What people or parts of yourself need to be let go of, changed for the better?

Also asking us how we want to be treated is Mars which continues its retrograde in Virgo. Work, health and habits are getting a thorough review until April when Mars turns direct. Above all else, Virgo is about service. We must serve ourselves before we can serve others. Which is why if our health isn’t in good shape, we are unable to work or help our families. Make sure your basic habits are serving you: eating and sleeping well? Getting enough exercise? If these habits are “working” for you, then you can focus energy outwardly. How do you want to best serve your family, workplace, community? Are you able to devote just a few hours a week volunteering for a charity or cause that sparks interest? One note of caution is that you may want to hold off on acquiring a new pet until mid April, as Virgo rules the pets we own.

The focus on relationship heightens through Valentine’s Day which could be full of surprises… super OR explosive, this year. Relationship planet Venus conjoins unpredictable Uranus, both in a challenging angle to Pluto at the end of this week and all into next. This might make for unusual or surprising events. Instead of a routine box of chocolates and roses, unexpected marriage proposals, or conversely, breakups could occur. Nothing like Uranus to keep us on our toes, in suspense, waiting with baited breath. So help yourself. Now is a great
time for some yogic breathing: you control the breath instead of it controlling you! Breathe and prepare. The best offense is a good defense.