Scorpio is the most psychic sign of the zodiac.  As one of the three water signs, the Scorpion’s natural intuition revs up significantly from the first of the month as the Scorpio Sun aligns perfectly with tuned-in Neptune.  This strengthens the depth of our perception and sharpens our awareness antennae.  We seem to have x-ray vision now; a nothing-gets-past-me quality that can be very off-putting and intimidating to those who have blinders on or choose denial over reality.   Crystal clear insight is nonetheless a terrific asset especially when accompanied by Messenger Mercury in Scorpio which joins Sun-Neptune.  From the very first day of November, we sniff out charlatans, what feels off, false or fake, and definitely suffer no fools.

“Cut the bullshit” says Scorpio and look at what is really going on.  The October 30 New Moon in Scorpio set the stage for this energy to do its transformational work:  gutting out the rotted parts of our lives so the new, fresh and affirming growth and development may occur.
Meanwhile, Serious Saturn joins Relatable Venus in Sagittarius to ardently pursue the truth.  The essential bones of the matter, the relationship, the work to be done, with pure, unadulterated honesty.  The dual planetary combinations in Scorpio and Sagittarius yield a highly potent and powerful time:  shrewd, penetrating observation working alongside the quest for transparent knowledge.  As sharp as your awareness is right now, you may also very well feel  naked and that everyone can see right through you. 
Scorpio also rules secrets and for good reason.  With their keen x-ray vision, Scorpios know if they reveal the slightest clue, others may expose them.  So naturally they seek protection to cover up and conceal thoughts, words and deeds; and are extremely particularly about who they share information with and how they share that information.  They are filtering masters.  Why?  Because Scorpio and its ruling planet Pluto rule power.  Knowledge is power.  And secret knowledge is the ultimate power:  how knowledge is used, steered, controlled.

Brings to mind the election of the leader for the Free World.  At the post of this blog, the US presidential election will be one week away.  There is a great deal at stake in the election outcome.   The October 30th New Moon energy combining the strength of the above Scorpio-Sagittarius alliances says it all:  each side, both Clinton and Trump, seek the most powerful office in the world and claim that only they tell the truth.   Yet both leave a trail of lies and deceit, alienating a whole swath of the electorate.  On the other hand, both candidates have passionate  followers who will vote.  Pushing to see their man/woman win, these voters drive stakes further into the ground, believing only their candidate holds the true answers, resulting in an increasingly divided country.

At the same time, Generous Jupiter dances through Libra, sign of balance, seeking reason through diplomacy and negotiation, to bring order to what is so completely off kilter in the United States, politically, economically and socially.
During the end of October, we’ve already seen the shadow sides of Scorpio and Sagittarius playing out in real time:  Scorpio Sun-Mercury is wildly passionate about its point of focus and carries an acid tongue when provoked.  Sagittarius Saturn and Venus insist on honesty at any price, no matter whom gets hurt.  On the actual election day, November 8, Motivating Mars, god of war, is on a critical, final degree of Capricorn.  Exalted and honored in this sign, Mars tells all Americans to vote your conscience.   And regardless of nationality, Mars now says:  do the right thing.  The fiery planet has been cycling through Capricorn for the past two months urging us to lay a solid foundation for our lives.  In early November, its placement compliments the Sun-Mercury energy beautifully, holding up what they unearth to be seen in the light of day and asking:  is this useful?  Will it help you grow?  If yes, use it as a building block; if not useful, there’s the trash heap.
The very next day following the election, Mars moves into inventive Aquarius.  Now life gets really interesting….  Aquarius is radical, rebellious and rules group consciousness.  It is also the Great Awakener and Humanitarian.  So keep an ear out for calls for peace and understanding.  Watch (out) for disillusioned and disenfranchised voters who take up arms.  Literally.  The days leading up to the Full Moon on Monday, November 14 are dicey indeed, not even a week after the election. 
Two planetary sign changes now shift the individual and collective energy:  Mercury moves into Sagittarius demanding justice, the law.  Wants to know if the election was fairly conducted, or has been suggested:  rigged.  Venus moves into Capricorn at a catalytic degree, inciting action.   If you are roiled to the bones by the outcome of the election (and half of the US population will be), I encourage you to take a look at your own backyard, the mess building up under your very own eyes and clean that up first.  If we each take responsibility for our individual actions, the world would be a very different place indeed.  Harness the power of this very practical placement of Venus to bring a detached pragmatism to your relationships, including with yourself.  Where do you need to apply effort to creating long-term and sustainable relations and work practices?
Amidst the turmoil of November, two words of advice:  calm down.
Take a breath.   Ask, where are your efforts really getting you?  Are they aligned positively and productively, or leading you circuitously, on a road to no where, or worse, digging you (further) into a hole?  Think hard and think twice now about negative words and actions.   Tap into the abundant intuition available now because one thing is for sure:  intuition stems from LOVE.  It only leads in positive directions.  A source of love, our intuition is often drowned out by the loud and raucous egocentric voices crowding our head space.   It is vital to discern the difference between the calm, softer voice of reason versus the demanding voice dictating our next move.   The Scorpio-Sagittarius elements certainly provide us with the tools for such discernment.  And with Saturn, the ruler of Karma and Dharma, at the middle degrees of Sagittarius now, it is wise to remember:   you reap what you sow.

The third week of the month we are offered significant help:  Intuitive Neptune turns direct motion at a super harmonious angle with Venus.  This alliance guides our higher selves – we will know the right thing to do or say.  Now, follow that guidance and blessings be!  We also receive abundant support from planetary titans Jupiter and Saturn.  Through the end of November, Generous Jupiter forms a very helpful connection to Saturn.  In Sagittarius, Saturn seeks structured truth and honesty, while Jupiter in Libra knows how to graciously and effectively ripen relationships with skilled charm.  As Messenger Mercury joins the Saturn-Jupiter pair through Thanksgiving weekend, we find ways to tactfully say what needs to be said.

The caution to this period, November 23-26, is Jupiter’s challenge to Venus-Pluto in Capricorn. Where Venus-Pluto make for practical, realistic relationships, they can also expose an icy, buried underside.  Jupiter may help smooth out the bumps but it also magnifies the intensity of any relationship imbalance.  Better to err on the side of grace, dignity and honorable action.  Be responsible for your words and deeds and let others account for their own behavior.  No need for you to play monitor, judge nor jury.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on November 29 invites us on a journey.  It precisely challenges the lunar nodes in Pisces-Virgo, calling for a balance between health, healthy habits (including work), and trusting your intuition and going with the flow; search for and find a balance between control and Letting Go and Letting God.  Holding the positive energy of the Jupiter-Saturn alliance, cast your prayers, hopes and wishes for the next month and year.  Write your intentions with honesty:  whom do you want to be?  What do you want to accomplish for your life?  What do you hope for your loved ones?  Like walking a tight rope, practice makes perfect. It is more than OK to fall down…as long as you stand back up and try again.   Once, twice, three times, and more so, habits take time to root and change us, our ways.  Ready, steady, go.
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