November is rarely an easy month.  We are full-on in the calendar year end, with school and work functioning at its peak and gearing up for the holidays.  As the Sun (our will) moved into Scorpio during the final week of October, we all certainly felt the Scorpion’s sting reverberating through every level of our lives.  

The intensity continues for the next four weeks.  November may very well outdo October.  Human beings want certainty and reliability.  This month promises the opposite, unless we are willing to make some very strong decisions and changes to our lives and culture.  Deeply perceptive Scorpio rules power, joint finances, death, rebirth and regeneration.  November finds our plates full with heaping portions of each; as fall turns into winter, we are asked to let go of what is dead on the vine of our lives and transform.
The month opens with a grand challenge between Radical Uranus, Relationship Venus and the North and South lunar nodes.   Picture four figures squaring off in a boxing ring vying for a prize.  There you have the energy on November 1.  It remains with us for all of November.  At first, immovable and stubborn, then later on catalytic and provocative.  Perhaps this sounds familiar?  A personal situation you find yourself in or the national political scene in the United States.  Stubborn with clenched fists, each side so sure they are right, leading up to Election Day on November 6th, then reeling into activity afterward.
This boxing ring energy pushes us to face and make changes in all of our relationships, including to ourselves, others and to money, how we earn it and use it.  Great Awakener Uranus acts like a lightning rod; in an instant, what we know to be certain, tried and true, took to be a given in our lives may change on a dime.  (The recent mass shooting at the Pittsburgh synagogue comes to mind). The opening week of November is not for the faint of heart.  Brace yourself.  The rug may be pulled out from under you at a moment’s notice.  The flip side of this is that there may be surprises of unexpected, life-changing joy and abundance for some.
Everything and everyone is in a profound state of flux right now.  Life rarely stagnates; this month it is good to remember that the only way to grow often occurs in the wake of radical or abrupt events. Unpredictable is the watchword of the month.  What has been roiling and bubbling under the surface all through 2018 is now coming to a gigantic head.  Change agent Uranus rules volcanoes and earthquakes.  You will feel these in your life.
Election Day in the United States on November 6thoccurs during the darkest phase of the moon.  The very next day, a different world dawns with the New Moon on November 7th.  More than most New Moons, this one holds particularly strong energy.  Both Sun and Moon are at 15 degrees Scorpio, an especially intense marker.  Powerful, yes. Psychic and intuitive, indeed.  Noteworthy and attention-getting:  you bet.  This New Moon is here to make a statement.
Which is:
What is not and has not worked to date is now done and over.  Dead and gone. 
Conjoined to Generous Jupiter at the final 29th degree of Scorpio, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is time to let go of a relationship or habit; to walk away from a job or lifestyle. 
It is time to close the door on what was.  If you don’t close the door, it will be closed for you. Believing that something might continue in its old form, somehow be restored to what once was, the person or situation will be removed from you altogether.  This New Moon means business.  It may not be direct but it surely isn’t subtle in terms of bringing what is finished in your life to a complete and utter finish, so you may begin anew, start over fresh, accessing your true nature in all its power and vitality.
New Moons typically are not explosive (that’s usually reserved for Full Moons). Yet this November 6th New Moon is embedded with tremendous power.  Be sure to hand write 3-5 wishes, goals or prayers and either plant them in the earth or cast into a moving body of water.   On the very same day, retrograde Uranus re-enters fiery Aries AND the lunar nodes change signs as well.  The significance of this cannot be emphasized enough.  Uranus and the lunar nodes shift from resistant, fixed signs to catalytic ones.  Change and change now or you will be forced to change by circumstances beyond your control. 

The message is clear:  be the master of your new life or one will be created for you.
In a cosmically packed month, the shift of the Lunar Nodes is the most significant event.  The North Node is what calls our name and draws our attention.  It now moves from festive, creative Leo to nurturing Cancer.  This sensitive water sign rules home, mom, family, and food.  It also rules the homeland, your country of birth or origin.  And patriotism.  Think about the steep importance of the Nodes changing signs ON Election Day November 6th!  Wow. 

The next 18 months will have an utterly different feel.  Cancer is touchy-feely, so unlike dramatic Leo.  Overnight, we are drawn to what gives quiet, homey comfort.  Where Leo is brash, bold and bombastic, Cancer moves steadfastly, if not directly, toward its goals. 

Meanwhile, the Lunar South Node shifts into sturdy Capricorn.  The point of release, the South Node thrives in earthy Capricorn.  Its motto:  if it doesn’t work, it’s done.  Out with it!  Capricorn is black and white energy.  What works and what doesn’t work? it asks.  Incredibly incisive and discerning, the lunar South Node will purge anything that does not function well or serve our highest potential.
The very next day, November 7th, Jupiter enters its own sign Sagittarius for the next year.  HOORAY!  Sagittarius rules the Law (earthly and cosmic), truth and honesty, spirituality and religion, travel and freedom, education, adventure and life lessons.  Conjoined to the New Moon and Messenger Mercury, Jupiter has some announcements to make, starting with the Mueller investigation in the United States.
For the past year, Jupiter cycled through Scorpio, the detective, uncovering Donald Trump’s ties to Russia.  With Jupiter’s passage into Sagittarius, Mueller will bring his findings to a court of law, prosecuting and indicting what his team has unearthed during the past year.  Mueller has been extremely careful to not reveal the cards in his hand and has only played those he holds with masterful direction.  By November’s Full Moon, Mueller will reveal the case he’s been building over the past two years.
The waxing moon gradually reveals the truth.  Everyone is called to answer now:   take responsibility for what is yours.  Jupiter in Sagittarius guarantees it.  So if you have been less than honest in one or more areas of your life, you will rectify and correct that now.  It is the law.
Mid-month sees a major gear shift.  Venus, planet of love, money and relationships, finally turns direct motion while the very same day, Messenger Mercury turns retrograde.  This is the equivalent of a planetary baton pass in a relay race.  Over the last six weeks, we did a lot of work reviewing and mending relationships and our finances.  Messenger Mercury now extends yet more RE-flection, to RE-view plans.  This way, by year’s end, you will know exactly how to tackle 2019.  Mercury is retrograde November 16-December 7th; so a gentle reminder to hold off on buying holiday gifts until after December 7thlest they be RE-turned.  RE-frain from signing any contracts or investing in major purchases until December 7th. 

Part of the major mid-month gear shift is Motivating Mar’s movement into Pisces also on November 16th.  For longer than usual, Mars cycled through the ingenious and inventive sign of Aquarius, due to its retrograde cycle all summer.  Finally Mars is entering the inspirational and artistic sign of Pisces.  Over the next six weeks, Mars gradually joins Neptune, ruler of Pisces.  Pay particular attention during the last two weeks of November to opportunities for significant reflection, deep healing and cleansing.  In the hustle and bustle around Thanksgiving, take a woods walk or get a massage. 

Pisces teaches us to have faith over fear. With multitudes of uncertainties in our world right now, the easier path is to allow fear to drive our decisions.  Yet if we do not master fear with faith, through practices of faith, then fear will drive our decisions.   As we approach the New Year, it is vital to watch what steers our decisions.  Act with faith.  Act based on faith.
Heightening awareness around fear vs. faith is the increasing challenge between Mars in Pisces and the planets in Sagittarius.  Pisces wants to believe while Sagittarius wants to understand.  Leading into Thanksgiving, the Sun (our will and identity) joins Generous Jupiter and Messenger Mercury in philosophical Sagittarius.  Emotions may run very high at Thanksgiving as it occurs the day before the Full Moon on November 23rd.
Sagittarius isn’t known to mince words.  It shares opinions openly and honestly with everyone regardless of whose toes it steps on.  Sensitive folks with feelings stoked by Mars-Neptune will not appreciate challenges to their beliefs.  So a word of caution under this laden Full Moon:  watch your tongue.  Be mindful of others’ feelings.  Step away from drama, neither creating it nor feeding into it.  Speak your mind but curb your words, filter and tailor your thoughts to those present.  One of the best ways to manage this year’s Thanksgiving table conversation is to ask: 
how and where you can give more
how you can open your heart wider
how you can improve and grow service to your fellow man

Positive lines of conversation will only garner you more respect and esteem. 
Closing out Thanksgiving weekend, spiritual Neptune turns direct motion on Sunday, November 25th.  The subtlest of energies, Neptune in its own sign of Pisces, harkens our soul to the greatest possible good:  how can we live/live up to our fullest potential?   Neptune rules dreams.  What is your dream?

With the holiday season upon us, feel the Neptune-Mars deep clean and cleanse, inspiration and joy-filled light and love.  Turn your gaze upward and out; align with the Sagitarrian archer Sun-Jupiter-Mercury and aim your bow and arrow high toward your dream.  Let loose your arrows fly.
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