November opens with a powerhouse cluster of planets in earthy Virgo.  Generous Jupiter joins Venus and Mars to emphasize health, healing, well-being, duty and work.   Giving tremendous support to this combination is transformer Pluto’s helpful angle to Jupiter and wellness asteroid Hygeia in practical Capricorn.  The effect creates solutions for long-standing problems with work and health as Healer Chiron opposes the cluster.
We are being handed a step-by-step how-to guide to follow an unfolding road map.  We are asked to produce (or reproduce) structures (Capricorn) to build a stronger and healthier life and/or more efficient and productive workplace.  Virgo is all about analysis.  By crunching the data, searching for numbers and information, we can then study what we’ve gathered and apply it accordingly.   This sounds very cold and impersonal.  However, even in the most intimate and personal relationships we are asked to now stand back and assess.  Detach and be objective.  What is working about certain aspects of our lives and what is not?  Pro vs. con.  Depth of situation or relationship.  Ask the hard questions.  It is a great time to search for answers.  The power cluster lasts through the first week of November so put it to good use.  Work it!
Bolstering our efforts for creative solutions is Messenger Mercury’s move into intense Scorpio on November 2nd.  Mercury rules communication, how we think and speak.  In powerful Scorpio our observational and intuitive skills sharpen dramatically.  Trust what you are being shown now.  Try not to doubt or dismiss what crosses your view.  You may want to just file away for future reference what comes to you or you may want to act directly.  You choose.  The key point is that Scorpio Mercury is like a detective following clues revealed.  Each new one we overturn leads to yet another.
The first two weeks of November is a great time for scientists, artists, engineers of all kinds, anyone looking for breakthroughs to stubborn matters of the mind.  Conversely, we may be shown problems that must be addressed or fixed.  The Virgo cluster helps process and analyze all that data to look for a better way of functioning and operating.
Mercury gradually pulls into beneficial alignment with Jupiter through mid-month increasing our ingenuity and insight.  Wow.  At the end of the first week, Venus joins the lunar North Node at an eye-popping degree of Libra.  Relationships, art, the beauty business, harmony are the focus.  This intensifies on the 11th and 12th as Motivating Mars and the North Node switch signs:  Mars enters Libra and the lunar Node reverses into Virgo for a long stay.  Both are still tightly clustered with Venus, love and money, to form a power trio.  It is critical mass for those relationships that are not functioning and scenarios can play out in a number of ways.
There is significant help available to those committed to getting back on the right track – for doing the work to salvage the relationship or to create a healthier dynamic.  This planetary combination also portends new relationships opening up – perhaps with people you have been familiar with for a while but haven’t had the time or opportunity to really get to know them. 
There will be those who decide to call it quits once and for all and leave, either their family of origin or partnerships; and not to be forgotten, shifts in relationships at work – the classic corporate shuffle, the reorganization of staff reassigned to other departments, jobs outsourced or cut altogether.
The cosmic shifts occur on the heels of the New Moon in Scorpio with Messenger Mercury at a highly visible degree of Scorpio.  Bells and whistles will go off now.  Attention.  Attention please.  If nothing else, Scorpio is about power.  The dim light of the New Moon paired with Mercury aligns helpfully with Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn.  This combination literally gives us X-Ray vision and hearing, knowing power if we tune into it.  Really be aware and focus on what you are being shown now.  Even the slightest bit of information might be useful down the road.
A word of caution about secrecy:  the Mercury, Sun, Moon in Scorpio troika is keenly adept at hiding information, money, anything.  The dark of the Moon ensures it.  But it is also acutely aware, psychic if you will.   If you get a vibe that someone is taking advantage of you, follow your hunch.  Ask questions.  You do NOT want to sweep things under the rug now or dismiss advice, messages, anything that looks odd or off-putting.  Ask:  what is that about?  Gauge whether it is the proper time to use the information you receive; if not now, just wait and the right time will appear. 
On the 18th, mystical Neptune turns direct motion in Pisces.  The effects of Neptune are subtle and gentle yet offers a consistent cleansing and clearing result to push us toward our highest potential.  As it will over the next year to come, Neptune challenges Saturn in Sagittarius, causing us to sift through our beliefs, our systems of faith, educational methods and institutions, our spiritual lives, and our attitudes or interest in foreigners and foreign life.
You may have questioned your religious or spiritual upbringing and faith before but now find yourself challenged in a whole new way.  Do you relate to your faith at all?  Do you want to explore new spiritual fronts?  What works and what doesn’t work about your spiritual life?  You may realize during this passage that you have nothing in common with your traditional belief system, its tenets.  The push and pull between Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius is BIG.  Its effects can be applied to nearly every aspect of our lives – partnerships, whether business or person, the kind of work we want to do, do you even relate to/believe in what you’ve been toiling at all these years?  What kind of work feels fulfilling, what kind of people do we want to work with or live near?
It is essential now that we are REAL with ourselves.  Faking your way just won’t work anymore.  The X-Ray eyes of Mercury in Scorpio ensures that no stone is left unseen.  The Neptune-Saturn challenge is profoundly existential – asking us bare bone questions:  who we are, what do we believe in, our values, on every single level, earthly to spiritual, how much faith do we have in ourselves and our work.  Are we pursuing meaningful work for the greater cause of humanity.  These are all at play now.  Escapist Neptune deals in disillusionment and deception while Saturn demands Truth and Faith.  Ask:  where are you avoiding/denying/deceiving yourself about another or a situation?  
Sagittarius Saturn is the ultimate Truth Seeker and the questions only sharpen, one leading to another, when Mercury joins Saturn in Sagittarius on November 21.  The quest for Truth is ON!  Those trying to skirt the issues in motion will be tripped up by this Cosmic Truth Teller duo.  It will be harder and harder to hit the Escape button now.
As much as Neptune would like to escape Saturn’s cold grip on Truth, there is no way out.  Except surrender.  Where are you working so hard against the grain?  Neptune invites us to surrender to the flow.  To give up what no longer works.  The job, the relationship, the fight.  Wherever these two fall in your chart, you are being called to surrender with faith, and KNOW it will be all right.  It will all work out.  Ultimately, this time is about cleaning house and getting on the right path in order to evolve.  Move forward.
The quest for truth tide is unstoppable as the Sun joins Saturn in Sagittarius on November 22nd, leading up to the Full Moon on the 26th.  The Sun (our willpower), tightly bound to taskmaster Saturn and Messenger Mercury in Sagittarius opposite the Geminii Full Moon sends a powerfully potent message:  hop on the Truth Wagon once and for all.  The Gemini Moon will gather any information you need to help you forge a more meaningful and substantive life that aligns with your personal truths.  Straddling the Full Moon configuration is Neptune, yet again, wringing out all the dirt, making sure we stay honest and above board as we shift our priorities to align with our best selves.
A word of caution:  be aware of Neptune’s escapist desires.  Ask whether you are joining Neptune’s Great Escape by avoiding a situation, substance abusing; or, are you using Neptune’s higher strengths to clarify, reveal, cleanse the direction of your path.  You choose:  self-deception or authenticity.  One thing for sure is that the result of your choice will be spotlighted under the glaring Full Moon on November 25th.  Run and hide if you must but know you will be found out and discovered.  Eventually.  Then what?
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