September opens with a powerful combo:  Saturn and Mars conjoined in heavy Scorpio.  It doesn’t get any stronger than this.  Big money, psychological and mental health matters, deeply embedded emotions stir and are called to the surface to be dealt with; ideally healed for the long-term.  Not to be forgotten or left behind, Scorpio rules power.   Saturn-Mars ask us to stand tall, be powerful, walk the talk.

Intense as this duo is in Scorpio, Venus hovers, challenging and provoking both.   Normally, the planet of love and money Venus softens situations wherever she appears.  However, in fiery Leo she strikes a daring pose and throws down the gauntlet:  do you love me? Do you love yourself?  How much?  Show me.  Now.  Leo loves drama and Venus in this placement bates the Scorpio duo and raises relationship stakes.  She lures us toward creativity, to dive deeper than ever to reach into ourselves and bring out, display, what we’re really made of.  Grand (Leo) transformation (Scorpio) is at play now and truly possible if we give our higher selves a chance.

But how do we go about tackling such big change required of us?

The lunar nodes point the way.  Now halfway through their 18-month cycle in Libra and Aries, ask yourself:  what is out of balance?  Are you being treated fairly?  Are you treating others fairly?  Are you being fair with yourself?   Where do you need to be brave and release who or what is not equitable?  Libra is about relationships, diplomacy, art and beauty.  Grace.  Whereas Libra’s polarity Aries is the Warrior, calling us to fiercely face challenges.  For the remaining nine months of this nodal cycle, we are to bring relationships and pieces of ourselves into alignment.  Think:  chiropractic adjustment.  Stop stagnating, clinging to outmoded patterns. Step forward. Helping us identify what is out of kilter, Mercury enters Libra on September 2, bringing thoughts and communication into balance, decide what is fair, and negotiate solutions.  Libra is prone to sitting on the fence, unable to make up its mind.  Careful not to let opportunity or right timing pass you by.

The key to seizing the moment lays at the opposite end of this nodal spectrum:  the moon’s south node, which serves as the purge and release valve if you will (like food, for anything that comes in, something must go out!).  The south node in Aries is tightly conjoined with change agent Uranus for the next several months.  Fiery Aries energy operates quickly, often impulsively causing already speedy Uranus to move that much faster.  The theme here:  change and change now.  Go for it and don’t look back.  While daring us to get rid of what we never thought we could live without, a word of caution:  try not to throw the baby out with the bath water.  Whether you have impulse control issues or not, it is time to weigh (think Libra scales) decisions carefully, sort through what to keep, that which is helpful to discard, the unhealthy parts and people taking up too much time, space and energy.

Helping our grand efforts to change, Jupiter aligns beautifully with Uranus and the lunar south node.  The enormity of possibilities that this energy bears is difficult to overstate.  It draws us toward reinvention; you will actually feel inclined to create and create BIG, make like the Starship Enterprise and boldly go where you’ve never gone before.   There is also immense potential for huge energy to be unleashed now with this combination and since Uranus is involved, radical and unpredictability are watchwords.   Uranus rules lightning, earthquakes and anything sudden.  If you live in an earthquake zone, do what you can to be prepared.

So it is particularly convenient to have the Sun firmly embedded in Virgo, the planner of the Zodiac, joined on September 5th by Venus.  Where the above mentioned Jupiter-South Node/Uranus combination says get rid of all that junk cramping your style, the Sun-Venus duo enable us to discern HOW.  With pristine clarity, this pair outlines what is no longer necessary in our lives; what to save and integrate, what to toss out. Virgo is all about health, work and efficiency.  Where the Sun in Virgo harnesses our will to analyze, pulls apart what must be done and prompts us to roll up our sleeves and get to work, soothing Venus in Virgo makes accomplishing our task lists that much easier.  This duo is incredibly skilled at taking stock, cutting through waste, disorder and confusion to break down into manageable pieces what needs to happen and in what order so we can live healthier, more productive lives.  In short, September is incredibly good for healing and repairing the uneven pockets of our lives.

Healing cannot arrive soon enough.  2014 has offered more than our share of unfair, out of whack/balance/kilter (insert the word of your choice) circumstances beyond our control.  It has been difficult for so many. This year has wrought unimaginable loss and pain and blown apart long-standing ways of life. The seemingly nuclear effects playing out on a variety of fronts (Ferguson, Ukraine, Iraq and Syria, Israel and Gaza, as well as epic drought in California) demonstrate on the macro stage what is happening on micro levels for individuals. Pluto (the transformer) and Uranus (The Brand New) continue to shake our lives, breaking up old patterns, routines, traditions, the expected, as Saturn in Scorpio demands responsibility and essential change.   Change where we have stubbornly clung, been far too comfortable, have stagnated thus stifling our evolution. Bear in mind that through the cracks of our lives, new growth and possibilities are emerging already delivering some to higher levels of creativity, ingenuity and prosperity.  Let’s follow their lead.

Look for syncronicities where you can find them.  At mid month, one such aptly timed arrival is fiery Mars (our focused energy) entrance into Sagittarius for the next six weeks.  This is perfect for many heading back to school as Sagittarius pulls our attention toward education, the law, spirituality, philosophy, literature, metaphysical arts and long-distance journeys/travel.   Take a class or course, educate yourself where you need to learn and grow.  Around the same time, Messenger Mercury joins the lunar north node in Libra making this an optimal time to claim your voice and be heard, especially teachers, students as well as the rest of us life-long learners.  Time to get your message across and bring your life into balance, share your knowledge in addition to feelings about any and all relationships, but particularly where partners are concerned.  And, don’t forget to hear messages driven home about yourself!   Mars in Sagittarius is about vivid truth telling and the Mercury-North Node pair will not let you or others escape hearing what must be said out loud.

By the 23rd, the Sun moves into Libra applying our will to establish balance, beauty, harmony and peace. We will need every bit of this energy since the very same day, Pluto (transformer) turns direct.  The god of the underworld turns forward motion revealing parts we’ve never seen before or have turned a blind eye toward.  In Capricorn, Pluto says:  matters of honor, integrity, big business, government, and any long-held facets/functions of our lives require our attention.  Capricorn is essentially the code of responsibility.  Revisit this aspect of your life and update it where necessary to make sure you are in compliance.  Are you acting in accordance with the highest standards of your workplace, community, your family, your self?

The 28th Mercury moves into Scorpio where, if you haven’t heard or told the truth, you will really feel the sting.  Messenger Mercury in Scorpio has a take-no-prisoners quality to it, cuts straight to the chase. Prepare to give or receive ultimatums.  You will know exactly where you stand financially and emotionally with yourself and others.  Scorpio’s laser like vision offers crystal clarity into people or situations whether at home or in your career that heretofore befuddled or confused.

The final day of September, the 30th, Venus enters its own sign of Libra where she joins the Sun, softening relationships in spite of Mercury’s Scorpion thrust.  Venus-Sun in Libra is graceful and eager-to-please. Their diplomatic energy lends amicable and harmonious tones to those we work and live with and cultivates our artistic sides, our interest in the attractive:   drawing attractive people and aspects around us, being attractive.  When was the last time you got a new haircut, (or changed your hair color), visited a museum, invested in stylish new clothes or home decor?   Beauty is essential, say the Libra Venus-Sun, not just for those who can afford it.  It does not have to be expensive.  Lord knows each of us, the world, could use a spot of color here, a splash of contrast there….a wee bit of effort and, voila, your world is suddenly a little lovelier…


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