Very few of us believe that current times are ordinary.  We suffer no such illusions.  To say that monumental shifts in our national, global and personal landscapes are underway is far from an understatement.
As we are in the midst of Mercury Retrograde in mystical Pisces when March opens, with the Sun gradually joining dreamy Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, reflection about our lives and the current state of affairs is apropos. 

The balance of March finds FOUR heavyweight planets in bare bones and businesslike Capricorn.  Thus our reflections take into account the structure of our lives:  what works and what does not work. Capricorn is deadly serious; its planet Saturn rules dharma and karma.  Both work to eliminate anything or anyone that does not fit into the emerging framework on which our lives will operate going forward.  What and who does not fit into this framework becomes more glaringly obvious as we move through the final ten days of Mercury’s retrograde review.  We cannot help but perceive essential changes to be made if we are to pursue healthy, and ideally peaceful, meaningful lives.
As Saturn begins its final tour through sign of Capricorn in 2020, the first few weeks of March it tightly conjoins transformer Pluto, Generous Jupiter and Motivating Mars, in a crescendo of energetic emphasis.  You would have to be dead not to feel this cosmic power play.  WOW.   Wherever these 4 planets cycle through your chart Responsibility is the name of the game.
Game?  Who said anything about games?  Saturn and Capricorn limit our fun, ability to play, times infinity conjoined to the above mentioned planetary trio.  Responsibility, honor, duty, integrity:  we rarely if ever associate these words with fun and games.  The fearsome foursome in Capricorn underscore the gravity and gravitas of our Times.  Serious Saturn leads the charge; Pluto intensifies while Jupiter magnifies and Mars drives the seriousness of our work ahead. Wherever your life is out of whack or alignment, if you are not actively working to bring order to that sector, life circumstances will force your hand.
Capricorn and Saturn do not mess around:  you either get it or you don’t.  The current Coronavirus epidemic and possible burgeoning pandemic is a key example of how this energy works.  Health is based on science which is based on data and facts.  With disease, there is no room for illusion or spin.  Either take precautions or get sick.  Governments take heed.
The great news is that for those who are ON path, keeping their intentions focused on soul lessons and doing the work, this same planetary foursome in Capricorn brings rewards and honors.  At a minimum, if you are working responsibly, expect a smoother road with resources available to you. Capricorn is an earth energy and is master manifesting energy.  For those living and working honorably, Saturn delivers.   In short:  do the work and be rewarded; avoid the work/game the system and face the consequence.  Reward or Ruin.  Life doesn’t allow for much room to game the system.
A few days into March, Venus shifts out of feisty and fiery Aries and into her home sign of Taurus on March 5th.  Our focus sharpens on what we value:  in ourselves and others, our skills and talents to earn income.  Over the next few weeks, gracious Venus, planet of love, money and relationships gradually aligns with the powerhouse planets in Capricorn.   As this strengthens, practical solutions overflow to grow viable opportunities.  Venus takes the harsh edges off of the Capricorn foursome and points out our gifts and potential, how best to apply our existing resources and multiply them.  Under the waxing moon, Venus asks, “do you see your blessings?  Here’s yet another way to use them.”
The Full Moon on Monday, March 9th occurs in efficient Virgo opposite the Sun-Neptune in inspirational Pisces.  This is one highly industrious Moon as it aligns with Mars and Jupiter in Capricorn, keeping our feet on the ground while we set our dreams in motion.  The timing is especially key as the very next day on March 10th, Messenger Mercury turns direct.  Take complete advantage of this robust energy!  For the next six weeks (until April 24th) all ten planets are pushing forward in direct motion.  I cannot emphasize how helpful this six week phase will be.  Truly, it is time to seize the day as winter gives way to spring.  While you crawl out of the darkness and into the light, roll out all of those plans and preparations you’ve stored up over the last few months. 

Sign the documents and contracts, book the travel plans, and invest in major purchases.
The stretch between March 11 and the end of the month gains momentum.  We feel it build like a steam engine until the Spring Equinox on Friday March 20th.  The Sun enters fiery Aries.  As it does so, it challenges the lunar north and south nodes, catalyzing our push forward.  The Cancer-Capricorn lunar nodes caution the impulsive Aries Sun:  make sure to cover all your bases.  Know your projected costs, both in your home budget and at work; ask questions to fully understand possible outcomes; gather the necessary people and resources to tackle your vision and plans.
Two days later, on March 22nd, Saturn shifts into avant garde Aquarius, giving us a taste of this non-mainstream and inventive energy.   For the next three months, our focus turns toward groups, networks, alternative ideas, concepts, as well as what connects our lives together, what goals serve a broad spectrum and a greater good.  An air sign, Aquarius seeks to advance our world, often by breaking barriers and existing thresholds.
The Equinox tees us up beautifully for the New Moon on Tuesday, March 24th in warrior Aries.  Ladies and gentlemen:  start your engines.  With both Sun and Moon in fearless Aries, you may feel on fire as both our will and emotions are galvanized by this self-starting energy.  Winter is done and over.  The reflection and introspection of Mercury retrograde has finished.  What do you want you 2020 to look like?  Outline 3-5 goals or wishes you seek to accomplish and cast in a moving body of water with an outlet, plant in the softening spring earth or gently burn. 

The final week of March, Generous Jupiter and transformer Pluto combine for a once- in-twelve years pairing.  The duo is joined by Mars now, all in Capricorn, intensifying and flexing our manifesting potential:  if you do the work, you will realize your goal.  Venus aligns with this powerful troika March 25th into April.  This is premier construction and constructive, built-to-last energy.  Where do you want to lay a firm foundation?  How will you construct your platform and structure given your available resources?  Choose wisely.  For those who are willing, the world and reward await you.
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