Today marks the planet Saturn’s move into the sign of Libra. Among a number of things, Saturn rules karma, dharma, and time, therefore, current events. So for the last two and a half years as Saturn passed through Virgo, our focus has been on work and health. Now, with the planet’s passage into Libra, our attention will turn toward the arts and relationships, specifically partnerships, both business and romantic.

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. Think of the goddess Venus in Boticelli’s painting, springing to life bearing beauty, charm, grace and L-O-V-E. And money. Libra is the great decorator and Saturn feels more than at home in Libra. Not only does it have time to focus on the people dwelling inside, it gets to decorate that home too!

Also occurring in the next few weeks is a major aspect of several planets, forming what is called a cardinal cross. This is an exacting time, one for truth telling, of coming completely clean. All hands on the table. And with Uranus conjoining Jupiter, long-kept secrets are revealed. More like suddenly popped out into the open. There will be some BIG surprises.