June opens with some very curious energy that reminds us that with every situation we face in life, we have control over our decisions and how to wield our power positively or destructively.
Chiron, the wounded healer, in cleansing Pisces, challenges Motivating Mars in communicative Gemini.  Look for old wounds being picked open, harsh verbal exchanges targeting the vulnerable, our soft spots splayed wide by someone’s remark gone wrong.  Like any challenge, there lies within it tremendous hidden potential:  to use healing words, meditation, prayer, and most especially: conscious re-direction of our thoughts out and away from the dark holes we often back our mind into.  This is the key to this combination:  re-focusing thoughts along positive lines of thinking before they become regretful words or actions.
Sandwiched between Chiron and Mars are three (3) planets making beautiful angles to aid and abet your redirected focus.  The emphatic point here:   you have the power to change course with any decision you make.  The first pair of planets cycling between Chiron and Mars is change-agent Uranus and gracious Venus in fiery Aries; both align helpfully with Chiron on one side and Mars on the other.  Aries is a tour-de-force of CAN DO energy.  This planetary duo of change and love say yes you can jump trains of thought, heal those old wounds, put them in the past and walk on new paths to well-being. The strength of this alignment, Mars-Uranus-Venus-Chiron cannot be overstated.   Uranus-Venus are part of grand fire trine, an immensely beneficial alliance with the Lunar North Node in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius that offers invaluable energy throughout the summer.  Come on baby light my fire!  Says this combination.  Grow, baby grow.  How high do you want to climb?   How large are your dreams?  Now is the time to set wheels in motion.
Supporting the “how” part (as in, how will I bring my dreams to fruition?) are Messenger Mercury’s super helpful angle to Transformer Pluto, both in hardworking earth signs.  This pair says, “so you’ve got all these great inspirations and aspirations….well, here’s how to tackle them one, by, one.” Mercury in earthy Taurus and Pluto in pragmatic Capricorn function on the material plane and want to know exactly how you will manifest your grand ideas into reality.  And how much it will cost to do so!
This is no small energetic pattern.  It holds incredible healing and expansion potential.  Bear this mighty force in mind as we move into June.  Otherwise, a cosmically calm month, the last month of Spring is a terrific time to plant what you want to grow.  The first week of the month unfolds a series of planetary sign changes where Motivating Mars takes the lead.  On Monday, June 5th, Mars shifts from mentally charged Gemini into nurturing Cancer.   We now feel more apt to act from our emotions, directing our interest toward food, family and home.  The next day, Venus moves into her own sign, Taurus, really boosting our efforts to plant (literally in the garden) or invest in the virtual garden of our lives.  Venus shines like crazy in Taurus.  Creature comforts, art and beauty, and yes, world peace are all on our minds under gracious Venus’ guide, especially as she makes a flowing angle to Mars in Cancer.  Kindness, caring and compassion toward yourself and others prod these two.  They are an unbeatable combination of love and nurturing to initiate and grow any project, relationship, business, venture.
Then June 7th, Messenger Mercury shifts into Gemini.  “Let’s try it this way or that way, and if those methods don’t work, then let’s try it yet another way,” is the theme.  Endlessly versatile and flexible in its own sign of Gemini, Mercury has us believing in infinite possibilities.  Here it refuses to take “no” for an answer and will blast through any obstacle in its way.  The trick is staying focused long and steady enough to conquer your challenge.  (Rely on Venus in Taurus for that!)  Can’t get around that obstinate boss at work, lack of funding for a beloved project or are you blocked in a relationship?  Mercury in Gemini directs our thoughts to find a way over, under or through what stands in our way. 
Gemini Mercury is not beneath using less than honest tactics to get what it wants, so a word of caution:  make sure your words and thoughts are honest.  Watch for deception and deceptive people and practices in yourself and others, especially at mid-month June 12-16 when Mercury challenges illusory Neptune.  Look yourself in the mirror.  Have an honest talk with your reflection, and others, even if that conversation is painful.   Because of the wildly potent energy during June, it is vital to walk your talk, with truth, in truth.  We reap what we sow particularly now under the late Spring Sun, and you really don’t want to find yourself in a month or two, a year from now, caught red-handed for shading the truth dating back to June 2017.
All of our efforts, truth telling, strident compassion and eager push forward will be under the bright spotlight of the Full Moon on Friday, June 9th.  Every Full Moon make manifest our intentions and shine on every aspect of our lives – even that which we prefer to keep hidden.  This particular Full Moon is super-charged.  We’ll call it “Extra Strength Full Moon”, like dozens of super nova bursts added to its power.  There will be zero chance of escaping its glare.  Why?  Let’s break it down:
First, this Moon joins heavyweight Saturn in sagacious Sagittarius, truth teller extraordinaire.  Saturn rules karma and dharma, so whatever you’ve been playing at, for good or ill, the results,consequences and effects roll in now.  There just will not be a place to hide, run though you might.  Saturn in Sagittarius demands raw honesty.  The Sagittarian moon hitched to Saturn demands emotional truth.  Pure and gut-wrenching. 
With this duo combined with the Lunar North Node in Leo and Venus-Uranus, expect a radical show of justice.  Or simply, a radical show.  Parades of Truth.  Moon-Saturn opposite the Gemini Sun presses our will to communicate off the charts.  We will learn, know, every single thread, detail, puzzle piece to the story of our lives.  Cases gone cold, unsolved mysteries are revealed in whole complete detail under this Full Moon.  Ugly facets, the underbelly shadowy parts of ourselves, our relationships, will be shown for exactly what they are.  You still may not embrace these but they are highlighted for all to see.  Better to own up, deal with it all now.  Be red-handed no more.  This is true as well for the United States Presidency as well.  If there are back lines, hidden communication, conversations and ties with Russia, these are exposed now for everyone to see.
If all this wasn’t enough to heighten the strength of this Full Moon, the super-nova power of this moon derives from Jupiter, planet of Truth and Justice.  It turns direct motion the very same day as the Full Moon.  Wow.  In the sign of Libra, the planet of Law, Truth and Freedom will surely balance any situation or any one that has been out of whack or off kilter, (read:  not being honest in any part of their life).  Turning direct motion gives a huge kick start and forward thrust of energy to any planet.  So it is with titanic Generous Jupiter now, especially as it aligns helpfully with the Gemini Sun, to communicate and get our message out.  We will know every precise turn of events in a cascade of overflowing truth on June 9thand surrounding days.  Fess up now while you still have time!
By mid-month we are afforded an opportunity for emotional cleansing.  Neptune in its own sign of Pisces, turns retrograde motion conjoined to the Moon (our feelings) in Pisces.  Use this opportunity to wash away impurities, emotional illusion and self-deception now.  Moon-Neptune in Pisces form a quirky angle to Generous Jupiter.  There is emotional balance to be had, pursued.  Sweep under the run no more, my friend.
A rather pronounced event occurs days later on the summer solstice, June 21.  Both the Sun and Mercury enter nurturing Cancer.  This is significant as the Sun, our will, directs our energy, while Messenger Mercury channels our thoughts and communication.  00 degrees Cancer on June 21 is a giant flashing light astrologically, urging us to pay attention and act on all things patriotic, family, food, home, mother, anything inherited psychologically or biologically.  This includes your own physical being “home”:  body, mind, soul and spirit, and how you care for it.  After all the “frenergy”, frenetic energy of the Full Moon, this really could not come at a better time.  Unlike fast-moving, mercurial Gemini, Cancer is a slow study, a watchful, observant dance.  There is beauty, grace and charm to its careful movement that allows for vast absorption of detailed information.  Cancer is a sponge.  Little escapes Cancer’s notice.  Her memory is vast.  She forgets nothing.  All is stored away for future use.
Give yourself over one day at a time to Cancer’s embrace.  We could all sure use some tender loving care:  a home-cooked meal, warm bath and bed, and great big mama bear hugs right about now.  Nurturing ourselves and others is one of most undervalued, unseen, unrecognized acts.  It is often even labeled selfish when we practice self-care.  Beneath the glow of warm summer sun, its slow simmer, hand write your intentions on the New Moon on Friday, June 23rd.   Promise, incite vows for radical self-care first.  Then you will be able to give endlessly to others.