August afforded us opportunities to make leaps of faith and September follows up by encouraging our will to match our desires.  This is no small thing.  Take advantage of it!

The Sun is now in the sign of Virgo which rules health and work.  The old adage proves true this month:  if you do not have your health, you cannot work.  If you do not work at what fulfills you, your health can suffer.  Take care of yourself and focus or find work that you find inspiring and enriching; in short, do work that feeds your soul.  That you feel passionate about.  For those who are willing to work hard to realize dreams and desires, the cosmos says, what you plant now will ripen for harvest over time.

Spiritual and psychological work is particularly relevant this month given the celestial aspects.  The Sun, our will, aligns beautifully with Pluto, driver of our desires while the moon’s north node pairs with Saturn, ruler of dharma and karma, the latter for the entire month.  Both are cycling through psychological Scorpio:   the north node calls our name toward the evolutionary soul work to be done while Saturn makes sure we cannot ignore matters any longer.  Time’s a wastin’ nudges Saturn.  Soul work is not always easy.  It is a time of truth and truth telling, especially with ourselves.  Be willing to listen and take stock, evaluate and estimate worth.  Ask, what am I worth?  What is s/he, it, the situation worth to me?  Investigative Scorpio helps us uncover answers. 

Finding answers to our questions will heighten with Saturn’s challenging angle to Mars during the first week of the month.  These two focus our attention and keep miscellaneous distractions at bay.  Or, show us how superficial distractions can be.  Dig deep, these planets say.  Discern what you really want, what will serve your deepest needs.   For perennial givers, it is time to pay attention to YOU.  For the more self-involved among us, they are asked to focus on others instead.  For both types of folks, the question is:  can you establish new habits and patterns of being?  For a day, a week, a month, longer…?

A word also to watch expenses with the Saturn-Mars angle.  Money can be tricky now, especially where shared resources are concerned.  Mind your spending on non-essentials.  Ask, do you really need this, before buying?  Whether what you are spending is time, money or energy, make sure you get a good return on investment, as businessmen say.  Fortunately a helpful angle between the Sun and Jupiter guide how and what we invest at the end of the first week.  In good faith, we expand, grow.

Catalyzing our growth is the challenging angle that continues between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.  This troika began last month and continues to incite change in our families, as well as other established structures, traditions and customs.  What we have been comfortable with for long periods of time now shifts.  It requires more leaps of faith.  Think of the leap of faith taken by Antoinette Tuff, the Georgia school secretary who calmly talked a prospective school shooter out of his plan to murder police, school children, teachers and staff.  When asked how she succeeded in calming down the shooter enough to change his mind, Ms. Tuff attributed her strength and abililty to faith.  She talked to the shooter about how she recently moved past her own life challenges to live a new, better day.

Thank goodness most of us won’t be faced with such severe situations; although the shifts we encounter now might feel just as dramatic internally.  Not since the 1960s have we experienced change on this level.  Can you rise to meet the change?  The New Moon on September 5th affords us a wonderful opportunity to set the stage, ask that our needs be met, that we greet change positively.  Think of your deepest wishes, then say or pray for what you truly want to manifest in your life.

When the week of September 9th begins, messenger Mercury enters Libra challenging Pluto while Venus enters Scorpio  Both ask us to act on our desires and get our message across to those needing to hear it.  Venus persistently persuades with this effort during the rest of September as she joins Saturn and the moon’s north node.  A potentially big pay off from divorce settlements, lawsuits or inheritances may arise; or conversely, sizeable investments could occur via collective resources for projects, business or partnership.

Desire comes in many forms and with all the transformative Scorpio energy, sex naturally figures largely.   Saturn and Venus ensure of heightening of sexual desire at a minimum, or justice if there was sexual misconduct on the other end of the spectrum.  Scorpio involves mystery and intrigue so deep psychological soul matters continue to surface for resolution and healing.  Dig and you shall find. Was there some kind of trauma or misconduct in your childhood or earlier adulthood waiting to be addressed and reconciled?  Along with the healthful Virgo Sun, this month is optimal to be your own best undercover investigator to get to the bottom, heart and root of the matter.

Because just as this celestial line up in Scorpio won’t let you get away with anything, neither will Scorpio’s ruler Pluto as it turns direct motion on September 20th.  If you pay attention to what just won’t go away (that which refuses to be ignored), this can be a deeply healing time, as well as a very inspiring time, particularly on the humanitarian front.  When we remember we are ONE, help, aid and problem solving for our collective global family is possible now as the Sun enters Libra on September 23rd.  Libra is about balance and relationships.  With the Sun’s challenging angle to Pluto, as we seek balance for ourselves and our world, so do we catalyze change.

Take care of your SELF, your soul needs, and by extension arises a more considerate, orderly and civilized world.  Not to mention that it also helps to be consciously kind to others…Especially when we remember that each of us struggles in our own way, although it may not seem so from the outside looking in at another.  It is wise to bear in mind that we really do not know the obstacles another faces.  With autumn upon us, Mars challenges Venus, focusing our quest for balance.  Conflicts with the opposite sex, our own internal opposing forces, and demands on resources will surface, all of which push us to find meaningful balance in our relationships:  to ourselves, our work and co-workers, our loved ones. 

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