November sneaks up on us like a stealth bomber.   With the Sun, our will, and Messenger Mercury just turned retrograde, both in secretive Scorpio, our mind and our actions go undercover.  Together, scouring for information, they assemble discordant puzzle pieces like the finest sleuth.    While we may be preoccupied with what we find, do not be fooled.  Keep your eyes wide open says Sun-Mercury; be aware and awake as possible.  This month is exceptional for investigating and prying to bring to light the unseen.
Messenger Mercury rules communication and just turned retrograde motion on Halloween (trick!).  For the next three weeks, the ultimate trickster will be diving crazy deep to source answers.  With Mercury reverse gear until just before Thanksgiving, it is best to hold off on any major purchases (appliances, cars, homes and ANY technology device).  Avoid signing documents of significance until November 21.  Use this time to your advantage to REsearch products and deals under consideration.  The great news is that Mercury turns direct motion a week before Black Friday and key holiday shopping days.
As the messenger planet plunges into Scorpio, the deepest zodiac sign, it pairs with the Sun and acts like a forensic accountant or psychologist.  Please know that if you go searching for something between November 1-20, you will turn up all varieties of information:  the good, the bad and the ugly.  Ask yourself then, what will you do with what you find?  Scorpio rules power, sex, death, shared resources, joint finances, inheritance, (taxes too!), transformation and the metaphysical realm. 
All facets of Scorpio are at play for the first three weeks of November.  With retrograde Mercury, we are reviewing the above sectors in our life.  REmember, this is the perfect time for any RE words:  research, review, revisit, renew, relax, renovate, repair, rework.  It is helpful to know that Scorpio is known for its darker, vicious side and with Mercury reversed in this sign, words once out of the mouth cannot be put back in or made to go away.
Just as we are stepping into November, Mars in Libra challenges its big brother Pluto in Capricorn.  This catalytic energy prompts us to ACT.  Motivating Mars stirs the pot with relationships and partnerships of all types, including to yourself and people or groups we do not like, as Libra rules open enemies (al qaeda and ISIL); while transformer Pluto demands the responsible overhaul of the status quo and how we respond to others.  Behavior.   Behavior, what we do even more than what we say, matters very much now.  Our behavior shows who we are.
November 2nd in particular looks dicey as the maternal moon is tightly wedged between heavyweights Saturn and Pluto in practical Capricorn.  Where do you need to take action and make changes at home or in business?  With your family, diet, the dwelling you live in or business practices?  The Capricorn moon is notoriously detached and removed; packed between taskmaster Saturn and powerful Pluto, it can be downright cold and calculating.   Capricorn’s phrase is “I use”, which helps when you need to distance yourself and act responsibly in any partnership or collaboration.  But DO expect to be pulled into a relationship dynamic, business, family or otherwise this first weekend of the month.
At the same time, Venus shifts into Sagittarius on November 2, broadening our interests with love, money and yes, partnership.  For the next month we seek people who will expand our worldview, are adventurous, educational and above all, honest. This is REfreshing to say the least!  A breath of clear air amidst all the intense Scorpio and serious Capricorn energy.  Just when we need it, Sagittarian Venus gradually joins Jupiter in its own sign, the two benefic planets inviting us to explore, travel and learn.
The beginning of November is a defining time.   Speak your truth.  Speak Truth to Power.  As Messenger Mercury in Scorpio uncovers new information and Saturn-Pluto pushes us to use what we find, Venus-Jupiter prompts us to be honest in all of our dealings; to learn from what we discover (definitely grow from our mistakes) and apply the law as needed.  Like tough-love parents, Jupiter-Venus in Sagittarius says the truth shall set you free AND knowledge really is power.  In our search for truth, remember the Rumi phrase “what you seek is seeking you.”
If you are going on vacation the first few weeks of November, you will learn much from your travels.  Even a staycation at home is beneficial and will bring adventure and growth.  Sagittarius Jupiter-Venus maximizes the beneficial effects of Mercury Retrograde:  deep, deep rest and relaxation combined with new frontiers, knowledge, mindfulness, meditation and yoga flourish during the first 2-3 weeks of the month and may produce exceptional mind, body, spirit connections.
At mid-month the Full Moon in Taurus opposes Messenger Mercury in Scorpio yet helpfully aligns with Capricorn Saturn-Pluto.  The Taurus-Scorpio axis is about money and resources:  how we earn, spend and invest our income and joint finances.  Flowing beautifully with Saturn-Pluto, this Full Moon curbs frivolous spending and prompts solid, wise investment in ourselves, ventures or products that are built to last.  Unlike many Full Moons, this one is not so intense or fraught with conflict.  The Moon is exalted (especially honored) in gentle Taurus:  think Mother Earth.  Enjoy the fruits of your labor, the harvest of all that you planted.  If you do need a reminder, she says remember:  what you sow, so shall you reap.
Two days later on November 14th, Messenger Mercury delivers some very strong messages, deep and potent, that which we may not want to hear but do need to know.  Secrecy, the forte of Scorpio abounds right now.  You may be privy to powerful information or asked to keep key facts in confidence.  
Our intuition is heightened ever more by the 19thwhen Motivating Mars enters Scorpio.  Our spidey senses are off that charts accurate now, so pay attention to your inner knowing as it is correct; above all, use caution with whom you share any details.  Mars flexes its power in Scorpio for the next 6 weeks. Our interest in sex, how to transform a situation we find ourselves in or search ever deeper for solutions really flows.  From November 19th through year end is an excellent time for artists and scientists alike.  The caution is the dark side of Scorpio:  addiction, cruelty and misuse of power. 

The very next day Mercury turns direct motion on November 20th.   Go ahead and sign the contract and buy the big ticket items you have been holding off on or researching.  Hooray!  Just in time for Thanksgiving travel and the holiday shopping season.  Our mood expands as the Sun (our will) moves into optimistic Sagittarius on Saturday, the 23rd followed by the New Moon on the 26th.  It aligns with healer Chiron in Aries as we gather to share gratitude for all we are and all we have.  This New Moon sets the table for us, offering fresh attitudes and approaches to healing old wounds.  Perfect timing especially as we mix with family members over the next several days.  The New Moon invites us to be a student and a teacher, to look at life through a generous, big picture lens, to know that we are part of something grander than alone individually. 

Venus enters Capricorn at the same day as the New Moon, keeping our relationships grounded and real.  This is a very business-minded Venus as it aligns to Uranus in Taurus through the end of November, urging us to make necessary changes in partnerships.  Business collaborations and deals present themselves and afford distinct advantages.  All that Scorpio energy earlier in the month, our deep dives into the underside of a problem or situation turns up answers and solutions we have long sought.  Pay attention to key messages and information on November 26-27 as Messenger Mercury returns to the notable degree it passed over around the Full Moon.  What was revealed then under the spotlight at mid-month?  Are you offered another, second chance, to speak up, to say yes to opportunity?  Did you hesitate earlier as you did not feel the timing was right?  Well, the time is now!
Your intuition is spot on.  At month’s end insightful Neptune turns direct motion aligning to the super strong Mercury and the messages it now delivers.  In short, we know with 100 percent assurance what is up, what is right, what we must say and do.  We feel in the flow.  Thanksgiving indeed overflows with abundance.  Opportunities envelop us. Say yes and seize the day!
Of Special Note: 
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