Snap, crackle and pop! Sizzle too in the summer’s heat. That’s what the cosmic energy feels like right now. It is certainly hard to relax and unwind with the catalytic vibe pushing us forward full till.

The most recent solar eclipse in Cancer on July 1st leads the parade this month, forming a grand square between Saturn, Pluto and Uranus. The effects of this are difficult to understate. Saturn is now moving direct again in Libra, sign of relationships. Pluto and Uranus continue to be at odds with one another and will be in this pattern for some time to come, seeking to transform and change what no longer works for us, be it habits, relationships, work or beliefs. Uranus is the planet of surprise and upheaval. Pluto is about transformation, digging deeply into areas we’d rather avoid. However, what is put off for another day eventually comes back for us to deal with sooner or later.

How does all of this manifest and affect each of us? Expect change on the home front and change in any relationships tied to home, parents or children. These changes can and will catch us by surprise (Uranus) and be utterly transformational (Pluto). The only aspect of life that is predictable is the principle of change…so the best way to manage this passage is to surrender and accept what comes our way to the best of our ability. Flexibility is key right now. To fight or resist any changes we are asked to make at this time will only increase in power later on.

Like bookends to the eclipse in Cancer, sign of family, motherhood and home, literally tipping the scales of justice, are two recent examples: The capture of long-sought James “Whitey” Bulger and the long-awaited verdict in the Casey Anthony trial. Both incidents involved family, galvanized national attention for great lengths of time, and both involved huge surprise. Did anyone really ever believe that the FBI would actually snag the elusive Whitey Bulger? And how many of us truly thought the Casey Anthony jury would let her off the hook?

Interestingly, (as Saturn in Libra monitors the entirety of events ensuring the scales of justice are balanced), one case captured a hardened criminal while the other set a woman free, both murderers, of someone’s child. For Casey’s part, her own child. Fortunately most of us are not caught up in personal dramas as immense as these; however, the two stories seared our consciences with extreme examples of human behavior, reminding us to be true to ourselves even as we balance the needs of others meaningful to us.