For a while now and a few years to come, outer planets Pluto and Uranus have been breaking down old patterns to make way for the new.  The new everything.  At times, this jarring movement has left us feeling bereft for the familiar and comforting.  However, during August, a shift toward what is possible shines.  As this month kicks off, Day 1 begins with a full moon in Aquarius, sign of genius and inventiveness.  These are key notes for the following weeks, both in work and relationships.

Under the bright light of the full moon, the Sun, change-agent Uranus and the moon’s north node align in fire signs to show us that when we merge our will, ingenuity and focus, absolutely anything can be accomplished.  It is a time of insight and ignition…a feeling of get ready, get set, GO!  This force is so strong that even those with their heads buried in the sand will still feel an impetus urging all of us toward new frontiers of learning and growth.  How cool is that?

Supporting this fiery energy is a union between Venus and taskmaster Saturn in communicative air signs.  Venus seeks to smooth our path ahead while Saturn gets the job done.  Their alliance helps us to persuasively convey our ideas to those we hope to influence.  This planetary pairing provides a lasting effect for partnerships, both business and romantic.  Also, Mercury is in a key position to move us in the right direction.  Where we may have felt without direction before, we now understand exactly how to move forward…as though staring at a map and finally understanding where the roads connect to get us to our destination.

The timing could not be better.  The first ten days of August is the perfect time to line up all the pieces and then when Mercury turns direct motion on the 9th, it is full steam ahead!  Launch those endeavors and sign those contracts.  Waiting to begin breaking ground on a new project?  After August 10th, dive right in.

Around the same time, Venus moves into the nurturing sign of Cancer and aligns with intuitive Neptune.  You may not know exactly how you came to draw certain conclusions, you will simply know something.  If you have a hunch right now, follow it!  You will be spot on, especially in areas concerning familiy, home, food, children or the elderly.  A highlight of this pairing is that family vacations taken near bodies of water will be very beneficial.  So even if you cannot take a whole week off for vacation, a day trip to the beach or a nearby lake will feel like a true get-away.

If you are going on a family vacation at mid-month, remember that every family member needs space to unwind and do their own thing.  We are often so busy in our regular individual lives that we can forget how to come together as a family.  Venus’ opposition to Pluto, and Mars conjoining Saturn in Libra is all about making relationships work.  Be mindful of your behavior.  Whether you find yourself in a business setting or away with a group in the mountains around August 15, each person has his or her own agenda (even small children).  The planetary positions will make us all aware of the needs of others versus our own.  Libra and Venus are about balance.  How do we strike a balance to ensure everyone’s needs and desires are met?  This is the work for the last half of August.

Helping us out is Mercury’s positive angle to Uranus.  Inventive solutions will seemingly emerge from the ether, moving us out of tight corners and sticky situations.  Somehow, the right words will bubble to the surface of our minds.  Seize these and apply promptly!

In the last week of August, the Saturn-Mars duo in creative Libra will make a flowing angle to Neptune.  Artists:  unleash yourselves!!  Creative ideas and our imaginations set sail.  So you think you are not creative?  Now is a terrific time to unlock your hidden talent and explore it.  Come to think of it, Saturn and Mars will probably not let you keep it buried but insist you apply effort to ingenuity.

Mars shifts into Scorpio toward September, releasing strong passions…for whatever you have up your sleeve, just as the Sun and Pluto align in earth signs.  With our Will and our Desires fostering practical accomplishments, we can build any future we envision.