It can honestly be said that whenever we have a problem, the solution always appears with it. This August is such a month. Truly a time of yin and yang! A door may close in your life, but at the same time, a window will in fact open. Through it, you will be able to see horizons that may have gone unnoticed before.

The month of July ended with the new moon in the fiery sign of Leo, urging us to create: create our day, our lives, our destiny. During the first week of August, not only is the New Moon (by definition joined by the Sun), moving closely with Venus planet of love and money, this troika makes a beautiful angle to Uranus, the big time change agent. The effects of this creative powerhouse give tremendous ability to bring much needed positive changes to our relationships and how we choose to earn a living. At the same time, we are benefiting from terrific angles between messenger planet Mercury, tranformational Pluto and uber beneficent Jupiter. Moving through practical and material earth signs, these planets will help manifest our hopes and dreams. In other words: show us the money. If not actually delivering the goods, then this group definitely gives us all the signs and directions for getting our needs met. This is a great harbinger for solving the debt crisis in the United States!

Also during the first week of August, Mars and Neptune are urging us to take time for family, preferably near water. Combined with Mercury Retrograde beginning August 3 (lasts until the 26th), this is an excellent time to go away on vacation and make great use of all the Re-trograde words: Read, relax, restore, renew, revisit…

Of course the Mercury’s retrograde bears with it the reminder that for all the upsides this month, there are some significant challenges. The retrograde itself can cause all sorts of snafus: glitches with phones, computers, travel delays, and accidents to name a few. Heightening this is some difficult angles between Mars, Uranus and Pluto. Uranus is asking us to change outdated patterns in our lives at the same time Pluto is calling up what must be transformed for the better. Acting as a catalyst for these two planets is Mars in Cancer, sign of home, family, nurturing. So wherever we have avoided or resisted change on the family and homefront, between August 5 and 18th, there will be particular focus in this arena. Because Uranus and Pluto are involved in the mix, accidents and the unexpected are a distinct possibility with family members. Fortunately, Neptune’s positive energy to Mars will help clean away and heal any damage leftover, as well as the Venus-Sun match giving creative solutions and clear directions to find our way ahead.

The final planetary yin and yang comes at the end of the month. Mars in Cancer will make a challenging angle to Saturn in Libra. The dance of these two planets is asking us to balance our personal needs and desires with those of our family and loved ones. Moms who continually put everyone before themselves will find this is really not going to work now. Time will have to be carved out for some self-care and creative ventures. The great news is that as Venus and the Sun move into earthy Virgo, they will make a beautiful angle to Pluto – quenching deep desires and restoring health and vitality.

May you find your place in the sun!