We all like a little glamour in our lives.  Who doesn’t?  Yet as 2015 rolls into 2016 we will find ourselves relying increasingly and steadily on that ever-so-boring quality:  function.  What works efficiently and effectively in our lives.
As each of us is pushed and pulled by the forces that be and drowned out in the cacophony of others seemingly more powerful, it is imperative to stay focused this coming year.  What are your goals?  Stick to them like glue and don’t be dissuaded.  Don’t have any goals?  Develop one or two manageable tasks that you believe can be accomplished. 
At our service helping us to get things done through the first three months of 2016 is the powerful pairing of Generous Jupiter and the Lunar North Node.  The latter is often called the North Node of Fate because it pulls us toward our destiny.  There is no mistaking when it calls our name.  How?  By resonating deeply with us.  Making us feel good, that we have done the right thing when we follow its lead.
Jupiter brings abundance wherever it cycles through the zodiac.  In combination with the Lunar North Node, these two underscore and emphasize where we are supposed to go, what we are doing, and how we spend our time.  If you are on the right path, you cannot help but feel it, that you are in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.
In functional Virgo, the Jupiter-North Node duo is highly discerning and analytical.  They will really help you get the job done, no matter what the job is.   Nothing says Let’s get Real like earthy Virgo.  Why?  Virgo rules health, work, animals, routines and habits, and service to others.  Virgo doesn’t mess around.  It makes a list, checks it five times, adjusts accordingly, and follows through with an unparalleled efficiency.  Depending on where this power couple falls in your chart, all the wholesome goodness of ethical, hardworking Virgo is brought to you in spades.  Stand back and behold!
January is often a time when we revisit diet and exercise, routines of all kinds.  Virgo is the Queen of Routines.  Since our lives are formed and based on habits, it is essential to make sure these are healthy and serving us well.  Rolling into the New Year, what habits and routines do you want to change, what have you outgrown and need to shed or improve upon?   Have you neglected your body?  Are you overworking and under-playing?   Want to volunteer but haven’t figured out how to squeeze it into your schedule? 
Optimally functioning and well-serving routines and habits are vital to our well-being.  But a word of caution:  they can be a trap like anything else where we get stuck in a rut.  Sticking to a routine simply because it is what you know, not because it serves you, greatly diminishes its value.   The New Year affords us a time to review what is working and what is not in our lives.  Virgo is a mutable sign, meaning it offers flexibility, variety and possibility to help us adjust our patterns to create the most effective life possible.  It is OK to embrace the new, untried path, to add variety; in short:  to be different.  Regardless of what others think or say.  No time like the New Year to take charge of your life!
So what a blessing to have Jupiter tied to the North Node all month long underscoring and reinforcing our quest to develop new patterns.  At every turn this pair supports our efforts for health and well-being, and work (but not overwork).   The caution here is that Virgo rules perfection and details.  Be careful not to bite off more than you can chew; try not to over-analyze or overthink the myriad details and lose sight of the big picture for all of the details.   Attempt small shifts first.  Give yourself a trial period.  Feel what works and what doesn’t.  Adjust.
Deepening our quest to Get Real in 2016, Motivating Mars enters Scorpio just after the New Year on Monday, January 4th.   Mars is our drive, what gets us out of bed in the morning.  In Scorpio, the psychologist of the zodiac, Mars drives us to dive deep inside ourselves to thoroughly observe and examine what makes us tick.   Where the Jupiter-North Node pair analyzes how well parts of your life are functioning, Mars now pushes us to find out why, to get to the veritable bottom of the story.  This trio is potent and means business.   It wants answers.  Like the film, A Few Good Men, Mars directs us to get the truth, whether we can handle it or not. 
Uncovering the Truth, you may not like what you find.  And so of course the downside, flipside and dark side of Mars in Scorpio is a drive to escape into sex, drugs and overspending to avoid what must ultimately be faced:  reality.   If you choose avoidance instead of walking the Path, prepare to pony up.  Instead, why not do the hard, soul work now so you can enjoy life when the time is right.  So, watch your wallet for the next two months.  Ask:  do you really need that?  After all the holiday shopping and spending the bill comes due in January and February.  Pay it off as quickly as you can.  Otherwise the interest is guaranteed to build up in 2016 as Mars revisits Scorpio later this year.
The very next day after Mars enters Scorpio, Messenger Mercury turns retrograde motion for most of January.  This is a mixed blessing.  While we have the urge to get going in the New Year, to jump on the bandwagon to set a fresh course in 2016, it is also the deepest part of winter in the Northern Hemisphere.  A time for turning inward.  Snuggling with others and ourselves.  Our pets.  So while we set intentions for the New Year, Mercury asks us now to review those intentions until January 25th, to be sure of our goals, that this is what we want, the path we seek to walk.  Is it?  For the next three weeks:  ponder.
Three days later on Friday, January 8th, Jupiter also turns Retrograde until early May.  Unlike some common perceptions, planetary retrogrades are not a bad thing.  It simply means the planet’s actions slow down and prompt us to search or act internally rather than outwardly.  With Jupiter conjoined to the Lunar North Node, we are invited to take to heart our quest for good health, efficient work habits and service to others.  Do as you say.  Follow through.  Be reliable.  Virgo isn’t sexy or fun, but oh man, where would we be without honesty, responsibility, punctuality and integrity? 
Introspection never hurt anyone; and prepares us beautifully for the New Moon on January 10th in earthy, pragmatic Capricorn.  This New Moon is tied to Messenger Mercury, the Sun and transformer Pluto.   Pay attention to messages you receive now, literally anything that crosses your path, as Mercury forms a very helpful angle to Jupiter, creating one very powerful New Moon phase.  In practical, structured Capricorn, the stage is set for 2016.  Think of January as the platform and building block for the rest of the year.
A key note of this New Moon is its proximity of transformer Pluto challenging Uranus, which has shaped us over the past four years.  While these outer planets will not precisely challenge one another again for quite some time, their current razor’s edge prompts us to revisit the same the same themes we’ve worked through in 2014-15.  It is a highly appropriate time given Mercury and Jupiter’s retrograde status in January…to have us take one more thorough look at where we’ve been, how far we’ve come in order to establish where we want to go in 2016. 
Fasten your seatbelts then because during the third week of the month, cosmic activity picks up steam.  On January 21, the Sun says goodbye to Capricorn and enters inventive Aquarius, paving the way for strong individuality two days later when the Full Moon occurs in Leo on the 23rd.    This is the culmination of a very potent lunar cycle involving Messenger Mercury which is tightly conjoined to Powerful Pluto.  Watch your words.  Listen, really listen, to what others are saying.  Pay attention.  With Mercury-Pluto in black and white Capricorn, people will take you at face value, closely observe whether you are hearing what they tell you and want you to know.  So be sure to say what you mean and mean what you say.  The Leo Full Moon can also be over the top dramatic.  It also wants to have FUN.  A good time, a really, really good time.  Just be sure to take a taxi if you’ve had too much to drink and filter your words.  Rely on Mercury-Pluto in practical Capricorn to help with both.
Exactly the same day as the Full Moon, Vivacious Venus shifts into high gear at an attention-getting degree of Capricorn.  Deals and relationships may take form now.  With the North Node of Fate still tied to Jupiter, very significant people may enter or make a mark on your life now.  FOCUS!  Do not ignore or dismiss anyone new to you now.  While you may not find them relevant in the current moment, hang on to their information as you may need to contact them at some point later on.  The Leo Full Moon is also highly romantic and creative as much as it is full of surprises with the Sun in Aquarius.  This is a great time to plan a proposal or creative venture as Mercury turns direction two days later on January 25th.  So go ahead and ask/prepare to launch!

Heading into the final week of January, Savvy Saturn makes an increasingly helpful angle to Ingenious Uranus and will continue to do so through February.  With the Sun already cycling through Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) it is an excellent time to think, plan and act out of the box.  Saturn’s alliance with Uranus is the magician’s wand, a truly magical combination, as Saturn is hard work and Uranus is ingenuity.   Both are currently in fire signs bringing together pioneering, trailblazing inspiration (Uranus in Aries) and adventurous, philosophical search for meaning (Saturn in Sagittarius).   Uranus in Aries is full frontal can-do spirit while Saturn demands the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth.  It is in an incredibly strong combination.  Whatever the energy is aimed at manifests, like literally having a magician’s wand in your hand.  It is terrific for accomplishing altruistic goals.  But use with care.  With Mercury now direct, still tied to Powerful Pluto in Capricorn, the Great Manifestor, the world will be yours for the asking in 2016.  So do be careful what you wish for.
Of special note:

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