VENUS:  she’s a real beauty.  The Goddess of love, money and relationships.  Who doesn’t want more of that?!
Venus is one of two beneficent planets in our galaxy, the other being Jupiter.  She rules Taurus and Libra, one earth and the other an air sign.  Both cultivate beauty in all forms imaginable, whether the flowers you plant in your garden, songs you write and sing, or the table you set for a dinner party.  Venus is grace, style and elegance.  But most especially, Venus is Values.  She rules our skills and talents, how we earn money through the application of these, our relationships, self-esteem, possessions, our worth.

Next month, Venus turns retrograde motion.  Most of us are familiar with Mercury retrograde as it occurs three times a year.  However, once every eighteen months Venus turns retrograde as well. From Tuesday, May 12th to Thursday, June 25th, Venus reverses gear in the sign of Gemini. 

What does this mean for you? 

First let’s look at Gemini.  The air sign of intellect, Gemini rules the mental realm:  thoughts, language, communication, speech, cause and effect…no small thing.  It is the Information Gatherer in Chief, along with disseminator of said information.  Think of a radio, which Gemini rules, giving and receiving messages constantly.  Thus, Gemini rules our rational, conscious mind, what occupies our thoughts presently, in the now, at this very moment.  It is the great connector, so ground transportation:  cars, buses, trains and the rides we take via these modes.  
This is also the arena of our immediate environment, our neighbors, neighborhood and community and the extent to which we are engaged in it.  Last, the sign of duality, Gemini the Twins, rules siblings and pairs of any kinds. In Gemini, Venus has an intellectual bent.  She wants to know, engage, discuss, read, write, be informed and share information.  She attracts smart people and wants to be in the thick of their knowledge. Venus in Gemini encourages us to be conscious of our thoughts, words, and language. She understands the cause and effect of thoughts and speech:  that kind words sooth and inspire; that insults hurt or do worse; that our thoughts affect our emotions which affect our actions.
If you know where Gemini occurs in your natal chart, you will find Venus going back and forth across that sector of your life this Spring.  For 40 days and 40 nights, she reverses gear to mark her shift from super bright evening star to the first to rise before the Sun as morning star.   That bit about 40 days and 40 nights….sound familiar?  Hmmmm, yes it does. 

Jesus wandered through the desert for this length of time.  And the Sumerian goddess Inannna descended into hell to meet her wanton sister Ereshkigal.   As did Ishtar and Isis, the Babylonian and Egyptian versions of Inanna, all forerunners of Venus.   Each relates a dark night of the soul we do not associate with Venus.  Whether it is the story of Jesus’ confrontation by the devil in desert or Inanna crossing through seven gates of hell to redeem and own her shadow sister side, the mission remains the same:   We are invited to pause and dance with pieces of ourselves we either do not know or acknowledge.  Emerging on the other side of this period, we will know who we are better than we ever did before.  No matter the sign it occurs, Venus retrograde is reflective and thus deeply psychological.
Enter the “Re” words.  As with all interior planet retrograde phases, the Re words are ready for prime time and take precedence.   In the case of Venus, because she rules relationships, this really means RElationship REview, including and especially with our primary relationship:  our Self.  Reflection:  Who are you?  Have you checked in with yourself lately?  Given the extraordinary time we are living through now, most of us have been forced to hit the pause button and consider exactly how we conduct our lives, who we’ve become and most importantly, do we want to continue living the way we did before Corona virus?  

Reflections of self-worth are as much about our wallet as they are how we feel about ourselves.  Between May 12 and June 25th we take stock, conduct an in-depth inventory of our skills and talents, both those we acknowledge or barely acknowledge or even perhaps, have yet to be discovered.  The virus has sparked necessity, the mother of invention.  If you find your bank account rapidly dwindling, Venus retrograding through Gemini has us thinking on all cylinders about new ways to apply skills and talents to earn money.  Have you been working a dead end job (which maybe no longer exists) simply to make ends meet?  Venus retrograde has you considering more soulful pursuits.  In alignment with yourself, your purpose, your confidence lifts.
In Gemini, we review information, journal, reconnect with neighbors and our community in ways that harken to days gone by, in a simpler time.  Take car rides and let your imagination flow, to local destinations, state parks and recreation spots.  Watch the conversations unfold along the way.  Expect heightened involvement with siblings, perhaps those you’ve become distant or even estranged; at a minimum, ponder your sibling relationships.  Others from earlier in your life may also REsurface:  old partners, friends, relatives.  

The caution of Venus retrograde is temptation.  Enter mythology or biblical parables:  this is where the Devil comes to entice us.  Hit the pause button:  do you really want to indulge in an affair with your ex boy/girlfriend?  In Gemini, there is also the temptation to misuse of language, either thought or spoken.  It is vital to understand the power of your words, both positive self-talk and the information you share.  Watch, in particular, your thoughts and where they lead.  Are you mentally spiraling into hollow pits of negativity?
Covid 19 has sparked fear mongering of the worst variety, triggering all manner of psychological hijacking.  The great news is that now is a perfect time to REtrain your brain.  Use affirmations, mantras, meditations, positive people, books and conversations to REdirect your thoughts. Along the same line, gossip is never a good idea but especially this May and June, your words may come back to haunt you.  Information exchanged and shared during this period must be based on proven facts, evidence, science and NOT magical thinking.   It is essential that you speak the truth as best you understand it.  The words you speak represent who you are, your character and your worth.
By the same measure, since Venus rules the stock market, our possessions and how we earn a living, May 12-June 25th is not the time to invest in things we cannot afford, whether cars, luxury items, or pipe dreams.  Gemini is the salesman of the zodiac and its versatility with language is also its biggest vice:  avoid deals and situations that seem too good to be true.  Hit the pause button and sleep on it.  In the morning, check in with your gut.  What does it say?  Mid-May through June is not an optimal time to start a new job either, but for anyone receiving unemployment now, new work is best begun this summer.
In brief summation, some brief Do’s and Don’ts of Venus Retrograde in Gemini:
REconnect with siblings, neighbors, community, old friends, family and relatives
REflect on your relationship with yourself, your life, especially on a car drive
REview  information, messages, your spending habits, finances, mental/thought processes to REtrain your brain
Fall for temptation  
Be seduced into negative mental spirals, sexual affairs, purchasing luxury items/cars/homes

Engage in gossip
To read more about Venus, her cycles and connection to your life, I highly recommend the works of Ronnie Gale Dreyer and Arielle Guttman.

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