The month of March kicks off with planets seemingly swimming in an ocean of water.  Until the New Moon on March 11th, five planets plus the asteroid Chiron are all in watery Pisces.  For the record, these planets are:  Neptune, Venus, the Sun, Mercury and Mars.

Sometimes known as the sign of self-undoing, it is essential to know the sign of Pisces and its ruler Neptune represent the highest and lowest of humanity.  The human condition.  Here we find the cloistered mystics and the saints, as well as the jailed pedophiles and thieves.  Pisces deals with vast misunderstanding and conversely, pristine clarity, pure insight.  This month, enveloped in a veritable sea of planetary water, we are asked to look into its mirror, see what is reflected back to us.  I may have also titled this monthly blog:  Mirror, mirror in the lake.  Take a good, long hard look.  What do you see?

March kicks off with messenger planet Mercury in retrograde motion.  So there is no better time for re-flection.  Until mid-month, we have an exceptional opportunity to clean house in every single area of our lives.  Re-work, re-vise, re-pair what needs to be re-done.  It’s a great time to go into the closets of our lives and get ride of every thing, junk that no longer serves us.  Junk that blocks and stunts our growth; junk that falls all over us when we open the closet door to pull something out to wear; junk that other people can use…whether it literally is the closets of our homes or parts of our lives we’ve kept “closeted”, ie, avoided taking a strong look at.  Neptune’s challenge to immense Jupiter calls us to bring it.  Bring it on, bring it up, bring it out into the open.  Purge, and purge BIG. 

This includes emotional purging.  Do not be surprised if you find yourself in tears.  In fact, there is a lot about this time that involves surprise.  Unexpected shakedowns and shakeups.  Life-changing accidents or shifts in direction may occur now.  Take us where we did not expect to go but where our souls know we must journey.  The smallest incident or provocation may trigger an outpouring of emotion.  Looking at “stuff”, be it material goods or hidden parts of ourselves, can break the dam open.  Talk therapy, meditation, yoga, exercise that makes you sweat, prayer, anything that involves cleansing, inward look-see, inner reflection is the focus from March 1 to mid-month.  Remember, this is all for the purpose of deep cleansing.  Once the wound(s) are cleaned, healing may happen.

Washed clean, clean house, clean-er life, we can start fresh.  Make new.  Proceed with life.  Jupiter accentuates our efforts as it continues its super helpful angle to Uranus, speeding our efforts, particularly involving communications.

Another aspect of all this water deals with the structural, practical side of life:  water issues such as significant rain or snowfall, flooding, plumbing matters, gas leaks, or leaks of all varieties.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  So if you were thinking about taking precautionary measures around the house, yes, now is the time to get that leaky dishwasher or water heater fixed before you have a real mess on your hands.

We have a lot of planetary help at our beckon call.  Today, March 1, finds a rather magical configuration:  11-11-11, the number of angels is at our service!  Wow.  The Sun, Pluto and Saturn are all at the 11th degree of their signs (Pisces, Capricorn and Scorpio respectively) making very beneficial angles to each other.  Key notes are:  dig deep, clean out, build new.  This is an exceptional time to gear up for the future.  Out with the old, prepare and make way for the new, better, more efficient.

Congress:  Take note!  This includes Y-O-U!

The concept of sequester we are hearing so much about now in terms of Congressional action fits perfectly with this heavily Piscean/watery time.  Sequester means a few things:  to withdraw into seclusion, to remove and set apart, take temporary possession of or confiscate.  Pisces deals with dissolving, dissolution and hidden realms. So don’t be surprised if the government, at least part of it, dissolves.  Since Pisces rules that which is removed or set apart from mainstream life, it oversees: jails, prisons, retreats, hermits, monks, anything involving confinement.  So it is not a coincidence that the Pope resigned and withdrew from his role at the Vatican now.

Dissolution also applies to us as individuals.  Neptune and all this Piscean energy can cause tremendous confusion since the sign rules fog.  However, once the fog lifts, crystal clarity swoops in, sweeping away misunderstandings.  Clarifies our needs from our wants, how to make our lives (and government) more supportive and streamlined.  As for our individual selves as well as Congress (so goes the individual, so goes the collective), if we productively use this time of reflection in the mirrors of life, we will see, learn, that we are not so different from our fellow man; we can find common ground to work together whether as a family, business, community or nation.  When we do, we are able to spread our wings and fly.  Be free from anything once confining, sequestering us.

Beginning March 7, setting the stage for the New Moon on the 11th, master builder Saturn makes a beautiful angle to messenger Mercury and planet of love and money, Venus.  Great effects for strong relationships and communication result.  And, the very next day, March 12th, planets start shifting into the fiery sign of Aries.  The Warrior.  The Initiator.  With Mars and the moon at an attention-getting degree of Aries, something or someone will make you stand up and take notice.  Or, you may decide at long last that you are the someone who needs to be noticed!

Once messenger Mercury turns direct motion on March 17th, start your engines!  This is a tremendously advantageous time for starting anything.  Jump on it.  The energy is literally akin to a rocket blast off….and we have lift off!  Be it a relationship, project, journey, job, lifestyle.  The energies now through the end of the month could not be more supportive.  Activator Mars conjoins ingenious Uranus in Aries, both of which make great angles to abundant Jupiter in Geminii.  Plus messenger Mercury flows terrifically along with Saturn.  Take the ball and run with it!   This affords a wonderful opportunity for accomplishement.  Get things done.   The heralds of springtime say:  make your announcement, stake your claim in this world, sign the deal, initiate.  Go get ’em!