May brings a head spinning number of cosmic gear shifts:  3 retrogrades, 4 sign changes, and the lunar node shift bearing changes of mind, focused communication and connections.  Where April found us making small steps forward, May offers completely new perspectives as we adjust to living with Covid-19.   This is exactly the point:  we need all the help we can get.
To be direct, Covid-19 is not going anywhere.  It may morph and shape shift but it will be with us for some time.  It is we, human beings individually and collectively that must change and change now.  This is no small task as humanity resists change small and large, with all its might.  We tend to go kicking and screaming into any new routine or system. 

Since our refusal to save the Earth from humanity’s destruction, we are now being given no alternative via global pandemic.  The Earth is alive and well and has bounced back remarkably fast with cleaner air and water since the onset of the virus.  Now, this very month, we will have no choice but to shift how we think and approach our lives going forward from the simplest tasks and beyond. 

Leading the charge to change is a lunar node shift on May 5th.  Every 18-20 months, the nodes of the moon (which draws our attention toward our true north directional calling) shifts from one astrology sign to another.  On Tuesday the 5th, the north and south lunar nodes move out of Cancer the Crab and Capricorn and into Gemini and Sagittarius, from water and earth to air and fire; from nurturing, home and practicality to communication, flexibility and adventure. 

Think of this as a pivot point – reaching the end of one road and picking up the thread of another, totally different one.  With it, our attention switches direction, from emotional to cerebral.  The North Node that calls your name through the end of 2021 is mental energy:  thought, language, connection.  You will also notice a decided uptick in areas ruled by Gemini:  siblings, neighbors, community, cars, car rides, conversations in cars, and your conscious, present mind.  In other words:   what is on your mind right now.
Gemini is the “salesman of the zodiac” known for its powers of persuasion.  Talkative, versatile, adaptable, Gemini gathers and shares information.  Over the next year and a half, watch for a deluge of information, overload perhaps, coming your way.  Gemini connects the dots and serves as a link by disseminating the knowledge it gathers.  As we begin this energetic shift in our attention, we may find it challenging to discern between what is essential, necessary,information, and what is not.  Remember:  less is more and KISS:  Keep It Simple Stupid.  This is particularly true all month long as Venus in Gemini challenges Neptune in Pisces.   How will you know if someone is pulling the wool over your eyes or full of mullarkey?  Ask questions.  Trust your gut.  Speak up if you are uncertain.  Question to discern fact from fiction, truth vs. illusion.
The intensity of both the lunar node shift combined with the smoke and mirrors effect at the start of May is amplified by the Full Moon on Thursday, May 7th.  Intense is the word, too, as the Full Moon occurs in Scorpio opposite the Sun in Taurus.  I call this the money and magic axis.  Scorpio and Taurus rule the money houses:  Taurus (2nd house) our daily bread, how you earn it through applied skills and talents opposite Scorpio (8th house):  inherited/found money, death and realms beyond the veil, power, regeneration/sex.   May 7th is the show-me-the-money Full Moon.   Watch for power plays especially regarding economics, bread and butter kitchen table issues of how to make ends meet while states and nations debate when to “re-open” businesses.
A few days later marks a series of planetary gear shifts:  the first of the two titans turns retrograde.  Taskmaster Saturn reverses on Sunday, May 10th followed by Jupiter on Thursday, May 14th.  In between, Venus, goddess of love, money and relationships turns retrograde on Tuesday, May 12th.  What does all of this retrograde activity mean, especially in such close proximity? Let’s unpack it one by one:
Saturn:  Planet of dharma and karma, taskmaster Saturn first dipped its toe into Aquarius earlier this year; now, for the remainder of 2020, it will back into its own sign to finish some lessons we may be failing to learn, namely, austerity, personal responsibility, integrity, sound structure, honor.  Saturn and its sign Capricorn rule the bare bones (literally the skeletal system), the basics and basic functions of life. In its last, final sweep through its home sign, we are pushed (or given the opportunity, depending on your point of view) to get it together and focus on what really matters.  If you haven’t gotten the message by now, or by the end of 2020, chances are you will not and there will be a price to pay.
Venus:  from May 12th to June 25th, for 40 days and nights (sound familiar?), the planet of love turns retrograde motion.  An interior planet closest to the earth, we feel Venus’ reverse motion the most of these three planetary reversals.  Forty days is the period of Lent, marking the same time frame that Jesus wandered in the desert where he was tempted by Satan.   Not coincidentally, similar lessons apply to us over during these six weeks:  our shadow side emerges for reckoning, old relationships resurface, seduction and temptation, both financially and inter personally come into play. 

The best use of this energy is to take stock of yourself.  Conduct relationship and financial review; assess your values, skills and talents and how best to make use of them to earn a living going forward; evaluate your spending and saving habits and how to bring your financial house in order; discern whom and what you value in yourself, others, and in life.  As Venus retrogrades back through Gemini:  watch your tongue and limit gossip; siblings, neighbors, community and automobile concerns emerge; watch your stream of consciousness and thought process; practice awareness of your thought spirals and how to steer the direction of your mind.
One thing is for sure – how you spend your time during this period will either be filled with relief or regret on the other side of it.  This is NOT the time to make major purchases (car, boat, house, etc) luxury items or otherwise, gamble or invest in the stock market or business ventures.  Romances begun in this window will likewise fizzle over the summer and fall.
Jupiter:   turns retrograde motion on May 14th.  Generous Jupiter, the titan of abundance, rolls back into the sign of Capricorn for the next several months.  The planet of education and expansion, taking chances and adventure, is not at its best in restrictive Capricorn.  Our life experiences continue to be limited.  Boundaries are strictly enforced and our growth potential curbed.  Jupiter will join Pluto a total of three times over the course of 2020.  This intense pairing pretty much sums up our year:  back to basics, fun and travel curtailed, bolstering or creating fundamental foundations.  If we concentrate on getting the structures right, we will have solid basis on which to stand and progress from in the future.
In the midst of these major planetary shifts, Messenger Mercury and Motivating Mars change signs.  Mercury moves into Gemini on May 11th and Mars into Pisces 13th.  While Mercury will be in its home sign, Mars is not at its best in spiritual, fluid Pisces.  During the major cosmic gear shifts between May 10-14, these two interior planets will clash, prompting overthinking, spin doctoring and deception.  This stretch of May is dicey indeed!  Really use caution with your words (Mercury in Gemini) and managing your expectations (Mars in pisces).  The best use of energy this week is to focus intentionally on what you DO want to happen, not what you don’t want.   Water, creative endeavors, music, yoga, meditation are KEY positive outlets at this time.   Avoid distractions such as negative mental spirals, binging on food, substances, TV or video games. 

This continues to be vitally important through the following week as Venus prolongs challenging Neptune through May 22nd.  At the same time, the Sun turns into Gemini on May 21st right before the New Moon on Friday, May 22nd.   Take care during this very slick and slippery passage.  Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and the North Node square off with Neptune or Mars in Pisces.  Really watch for relationship and financial delusions, fantasies, deals sounding too good to be true.   Be cautious of those wheeling and dealing, proclaiming to have cure-all solutions, or easy and quick fixes.  Remember to ask questions to learn more, especially if you have doubts or are uncertain.  One thing is for sure:  your word is your bond.  If you make a promise, nothing less than your good name is at stake.  The heavy hitting planets in Capricorn (Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn) remind us now:  reputation is everything. 

If you are uncertain about a direction to take, hit the pause button.  Take time to contemplate, meditate or pray about your dilemma or intentions (Mars/Neptune in Pisces).  Draw or write your musings with pen and paper.  Look beneath the surface of matters at hand, what is easily seen.  There will be more to something than meets the eye.  Once you discern your needs, focus precisely on what you want to manifest in the coming weeks and months.  Hand write 3-5 intentions and plant them in the Earth.  The power of FOUR planets and the North Node in communicative Gemini offers us a tremendous magnetic force.  Use this energy wisely as it is highly potent.
In the final few days of the month, Messenger Mercury changes signs again, for the second time this month.  On Thursday, May 28th, Mercury moves into nurturing Cancer, mindful of family, home, food and devoted self-care.   Mercury in Cancer focuses on essentials, what is of utmost importance during this time of steep, radical shifts:  your personal health and well-being – body, mind and soul, as well as those you love.  It is the core of our existence. 

Here is a mantra I find very helpful when my mind jumps to a negative track: 
All will be well 
And all will be well
And all manner of things will be well.  – Dame Julian of Norwich
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