Welcome to the New Age: Crossing the Revolutionary Threshold

December 2020

2021 Astrology Overview: Your month-by-month guide to the year

December 2020

2021 Astrological Overview

At this time of year it is customary to say Happy New Year and offer well wishes for good health, joy and prosperity.  But as I prepared for today’s episode I caught myself, wondering if I should stick with such traditional greetings.  After all, the Age of Aquarius is fully upon us now and such traditions may need to be reinvented.  And after the extreme upheaval of 2020, it is with hesitation that I offer any sort of salutations; however to honor and keep with tradition:  I come bearing warm greetings for a Happy New Year in 2021, knowing even as I say the words that the up coming months will feel like a full on hangover from last year.

The astrology for the New Year is about forming something useful out of the rubble of the past.  Anyone who as ever survived a natural disaster or big personal crisis knows what I’m talking about.  2020 was a year to be gotten through, of managing and surviving rather than accomplishing goals and thriving;  For many, it was an exhausting year due to the virtual siege of cosmic events and alignments in one calendar year; more than any astrologer can remember.  Just for starters, I note six eclipses, the grand conjunction of heavyweights Pluto-Jupiter and Saturn last March in austere Capricorn, as well as Mars 6 month long challenge to this power house trio made for a daunting twelve months. 

 I wish I could wave a magic wand and say 2021 will be miraculously better.  Alas, while I have the gift of astrological foresight, I cannot guarantee that next year will be completely different.  What I can promise is that 2021 will pick up where the old year left off.  The crisis is over; yet the battle is not quite won.  In the coming months we begin sorting through the remains and pick up the pieces, what to salvage and put to good use, planning our next steps in the wake of the disaster.

2021 will not barrage us with nearly the onslaught of cosmic triggers.  In this sense, the year will be calmer and gives a reprieve for us to gather ourselves together.  Or get our SHIFT together as we say in my line of work.  There are remarkably fewer major cosmic events in 2021:  there are 4 eclipses instead of 6, Mars and Venus stay direct all year, and the titans Pluto-Jupiter and Saturn are separating as we speak and moving on, the latter two giving us breathing room in airy Aquarius.  All to say, with much less stirring of the celestial pot so to speak, we are able to move about our business with less interruption. 

I like to describe 2020 as the game board being thrown up to the sky and all the player pieces flung hither and yon.  In 2021, some may feel there is a whole new game on, with new rules. Some will try to play the old game even with the player pieces missing.  The rest of us know the Game of Life must still be played, with the same standard rules as before 2020 have not changed:  truth, honor, integrity and responsibility.  Cosmic Law and Earthly law are akin to Macro and Micro.  Remember:  as above, so below.  As the game board player pieces begin coming back down, we sort through them to find what’s available and workable. 

So let’s begin our month by month breakdown of the year ahead:


The overarching theme of 2021 begins straight off the bat early in the month.  It sets the tone for the entire year.  Now that Saturn is firmly in Aquarius it begins a year-long showdown with Uranus.  Mythologically, these two planets were father and son who battled it out for dominance.   We take a cue from this dynamic:  the old versus the new, the struggle is REAL I tell you.  Old versus new is the dominant theme for all of 2021.

Both Uranus and Saturn are in FIXED signs:  Saturn is in Aquarius, a fixed air sign and Uranus is in Taurus, the earth fixed sign.  Fixed astrological signs are different from their cousins the cardinal and mutable signs in that their perseverance and stamina are second to none.  Never say die is their motto.  They will stick to their beliefs, their work, or relationships like glue and see something through to the finish.  That said, these fixed signs are notable for their stubbornness, inflexibility and in some cases, yes, rigid orthodoxy.  So you can probably see what’s coming.

Saturn the Taskmaster, ruler of structure, karma, dharma and responsibility, is now in Aquarius, sign of innovation and invention, the radical, rebellious, the revolutionary, technology, the individual, groups, networks, friends, the humanitarian, teams.  In aquarius, Saturn mandates the NEW, anything new, whether products, approaches, methods, strategies, tactics, processes.  Different, unusual, alternate and alternative, non-mainstream, out of the box, avant garde are Aquarius’ favorite words.  It is the Salvador Dali of the zodiac.  For the first half of the year, Generous Jupiter is closely paired with its Titan partner Saturn, marking the entrance into the Age of Aquarius.

Meanwhile Uranus has been cycling through Taurus.  Now, hang on a second:  isn’t Uranus the ruler of Aquarius?  Why, yes it is. And it is not so comfortable in earthy, sensual Taurus, the SHOW ME and SHOW ME the money sign.  Uranus is the only planet that cycles vertically instead of horizontally.  And here in Taurus, the sign of natural resources and Mother Earth herself, our values are turned upside down.  Uranus has us looking at how we utilize our resources, skills and talents, our worth, the money we earn, the bacon we bring home, in a whole different way.  You only need to look at the climate crisis to see how this is playing out in real time.  You think money is valuable?  Wait til you don’t have any water to drink says Uranus.

So we can see how, boxing with each other, especially in the beginning of 2021, there is some real pushing and shoving of the old up against the new.  Saturn sets the tone, agenda and current events while Uranus counters, well we’ll just see about that. In fact, both are saying the same thing but in different languages, (sounds like some of the human beings I know…familiar right?)  And like the planets, we are all human beings trying to get along.  Saturn is demanding we try new approaches; while Uranus has us earning a living in ways we never thought possible.  Uranus is changing our values, whom and what we value and assign worth to; while task master Saturn says you’ll need to come up with something new to meet the crisis at hand.

With this primary theme as the backdrop, let’s look closer at the cosmic events of January:  first up on Wednesday, January 13th, just after midnight, there will be a new moon conjoined to transformer Pluto in austere Capricorn.  The very next day, Uranus turns direct motion on Thursday, January 14th.  This gear shift can often stir up extremely unpredictable and unexpected events.  Take it easy this particularly stretch of the January; especially through the 21st of the month as Mars approaches Radical Uranus, both challenging the Titans Jupiter-Saturn duo.   You will feel the wheels grinding against each other, resistance of the fixed signs chafing against one another.  It is no accident that the Inauguration of Joe Biden occurs this week.  The reluctance to pass the baton of power over and the insistence it must be done, is palpable. 

The good news is that we have a two week window from January 15th-29th where the all ten planets are cycling forward.  This takes a bit of the edge off the friction, enabling us to navigate and accomplish our tasks more easily, even if others are reluctant or have an attitude.  Keeping an open mind and heart during this two week stretch is key as we head into the Full Moon in Leo on January 28th opposite Jupiter, Sun and Saturn in Aquarius, with Uranus challenging both in the middle.  YIKES!  Watch for massive resistance and deeply entrenched positions where each person or group believes their way is the ONLY way. 

When really, if everyone got over themselves and got out of their own way, the innovation and creativity of this Full Moon is AHMAZING!  The problem with our perception of the opposing viewpoint is big as we want to imagine; when really, if each was willing to give a little, our problems would solve themselves.  Transformation is possible leading into the full moon on the 28th if we are willing to share power, resources, information. 

If not, then we will just have to sit with our problems a little while longer until we are willing to be more agreeable as Messenger Mercury turns retrograde the very next day on Friday, January 29th.  Our thoughts turn inward for the next three weeks in the sign of Aquarius, the Great Connector and Inventor, problem solver extraordinaire.  For the next three weeks, Mercury reverses gear, reviewing ground it has already covered, encouraging us to do the same. So remember to practice the Retrograde RE words:  rest, restore, review, relax, renew, renovate, revisit.  The messenger planet stays retrograde for three weeks until February 20th.

Which brings me to the second month of 2021, FEBRUARY:

Lets call this month what it is:  THE BIG SHIFT.  Five, yes, FIVE out of ten planets in our galaxy are in the inventive sign of Aquarius this month.  That’s a whole lotta air.  So who’s in the Fab Five?  First up, we have Mr. Sun, our will and identity, how we engage with the world, along with Messenger Mercury, ruler of our mind and our mouth, next up is Valuable Venus, focused on love, money and relationships, and then of course the two Titans Generous Jupiter and Taskmaster Saturn.  Together, we are focused the Greater Good; Aquarius is Humanitarian, wants what’s best for everyone, the common man most of all. Aquarius treats everyone the same whether the garbage man or the CEO. 

The New Moon Joins the Aquarian Cadre on February 11th, giving us 6 planets in the air sign for two days from late on Tuesday, February 9th through Thursday, the 11th.  Aquarius is removed and detached, some would say unemotional; the upside this energy allows for cooler heads to prevail which is greatly needed as Saturn and Uranus are really dug in at this point, going at it with all their might. 

The Fab 5 converge in Aquarius until February 18th, when the Sun rolls into dreamy Pisces.  Until then, however, the first three weeks we get off on exchanging ideas, anything off beat and uncommon or alternative.  You will be doing your own thing; marching to your own drummer, even if you are part of a team or group.  Think of it like playing an instrument within a band.  They need you to do your part in your own way as much as you need them.  

Two days after the Sun moves into Pisces, Messenger Mercury turns direct motion, continuing forward now in Aquarius.  Its cycle through this airy sign of ideas and invention is most welcome and highly favored as Mercury is called exalted in Aquarius.  Meaning, it shines particularly well.  Our minds are sharper, our words land better, we connect to the right people and ideas.   Common sense and ingenuity prevail.  Mercury’s lengthy passage through Aquarius is one of the blessings of 2021 since due to its retrograde, it will be in its favorite sign from January 9th all the way to March 16th.  HOORAY!  Count on this window to help you solve problems and find answers to stubborn questions. 

Rounding out the month is the Full Moon on Saturday, February 27th in Virtuous Virgo.  Dream and go with the flow of Mr. Sun if you must, but first take a bath and brush your teeth wags this Moon.  And don’t forget to do the dishes before you leave…

Now on to MARCH.

Calling all listeners:  All Planets are direct!!!  You won’t want to miss this window of opportunity.  Now that Messenger Mercury turned direct last month, all ten planets are forward motion through the very end of April.  TAKE ADVANTAGE!!!!  Build baby build; put your dreams into motion.  Now is the time.  We rarely get planetary opportunities like this once in a while so make the most of it.  First up this month, Mars turns into Gemini.  Hmmm, do you hear that sound?  Mars is sharpening its tongue.  Get ready for some intense rhetoric.  Listen carefully as Gemini is the salesman of the zodiac; so caveat emptor:  make sure you want what the salesman is pushing you to buy; and for goodness sake don’t pick a fight just for the sake of it.  Watch your thoughts and mind your mouth.

Especially as you set your intentions on the New Moon which occurs on Saturday, March 13th.  This weekend is one of the highlights of 2021 as the energy is SO gorgeous.  If you are looking for a date to get married this year, the weekend of March 13th and 14th is IT.  Talk about TRUE LOVE!  All New Moons are about new beginnings but WOW, we are enveloped by Love, Love, Love as we set intentions for our goals and wishes.  Heres why:  the Sun and Moon conjoin Venus and her older sibling Neptune, all in compassionate Pisces.  Not only that, these four align helpfully with transformer Pluto and Generous Jupiter.  All to say, we come together, we unify, our understanding of each other glows and grows.  We BELIEVE. 

A few days later, Messenger Mercury enters Pisces, the visionary.  Create a vision of what you want to achieve over the next few months or by year’s end.  Especially as a few days later on the 20th of March the Sun enters Aries, marking the Spring Equinox.  Valuable Venus joins Mr. Sun on Monday, the 22nd and we have all the energy and fortitude we could ever ask for.  This fearless duo in warrior Aries are undaunted by much.  They incite us to leap into action, particularly how we earn a living, trying new skills and talents on for size, anything we’ve never tried before.

The caution with Aries energy is impulsiveness, getting in over our heads before we have full understanding what we’re in for.  The potential for overload is highlighted at the Full Moon in Libra on Sunday, March 28th.  Libra strives for balance in all things, especially relationships.  Watch for an us versus them mentality around the end of March.  The good news is healer Chiron pairs up with the Sun-Venus duo at Full Moon, delivering new healing modalities and measures.  On a real-world level, the much anticipated Corona virus vaccine will be fully rolling out at this time.

Welcome APRIL:

A yes, April.  We think of April showers bring May flowers and April in Paris, all the pretty things.  That’s great, but did you know the shadow side of this otherwise first month of springtime is that it is statistically the most violent month of the year?  April 2021 could very well live up to this unfortunate label with the preponderance of planets in Aries beginning with Messenger Mercury joining the Sun-Venus duo in Aggressive Aries, or assertive depending on your viewpoint. Impatient, impulsive and brash, this fearless threesome are joined by the New Moon in Aries on April 10-11th.  We have enough energy, will power or firepower in some cases, to barrel and blast through any resistance put up by the on-going Saturn-Uranus stand-off.   Our heavy foot on the gas pedal of life isn’t in the mood to wait around til they figure it out.  So check your impulse control and look before you leap this feisty and ferocious month.  In your rush to get going, just don’t forget to hand write your New Moon intentions on the 11th or 12th of April.

A steadier hand and cooler winds prevail as Valuable Venus moves into her own sign of earthy Taurus on Thursday April 15th followed by Mercury’s turn into Taurus four days later on the 19th and the Sun on the 20th.  Quietly, graciously, our minds and interests take pleasure in moving a little bit more slowly.  Turning over each piece of life that comes our way, feeling the textures, inhaling the scents, and why yes, stopping to smell the roses too.  The venus-mercury pair act like a brake after that lead foot Aries energy.  They want to look under the hood, are focused on value, want to know what their hard earned dollar applied through their carefully honed talents are actually getting for money they’re putting down.  Taurus is slow to part with cash and reluctant to use credit.  It’s the original Show me the money sign. 

A few days later, on Friday, April 23rd, Motivating Mars moves into Cautious Cancer the Crab, a sign it’s definitely not comfortable in.  Mars is a warrior, ready for battle and looking for its next initiative.  Cancer is gentle and soft. Wants to curl up under the covers, watch Netlix with a cuppa tea.  See what I mean?  Not exactly a smooth fit this planet in this sign.  So just make sure you exercise as much as you eat and are as forthright and forthcoming as you can be rather than resorting to passive aggressive measures which Mars in cancer is notorious for.

This awkward energy tees us up for the Full Moon in Scorpio on Monday, April 26th opposite four, yes four planets in practical Taurus:  Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus.  With five planets in the money signs Scorpio and Taurus, we are ALL about the money, power, resources, manpower, who has it, who doesn’t, who wants to get it, and who is keeping secrets about it all.  The full Moon in scorpio is especially notable as the next day Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, turns retrograde.   BOOM.  Or KABOOM, should I say.  Thus ends the 9 week run with all planets moving forward in direct motion.  Let’s just hope this one-two cosmic roll of the dice of the Full Moon on top of Pluto’s gear shift doesn’t boost April’s violent streak even more.  Fortunately, four planets in Taurus at the same time keeps us grounded and keeps it real.

The Merry Month of MAY:

May clickety clacks into gear as Messenger Mercury twirls into its own sign of Gemini on Tuesday May 4th followed by Venus on May 9th, Mothers Day.  Our mind and hearts turn toward messaging, communication of all varieties as Gemini is flexible and versatile.  Where there is a will, Gemini will find a way to make it happen.  Just remember:  Gemini are the twins of communication, the dominant and passive twin.  In our day and age, the dominant twin that talks and engages with the world often overshadows the passive twin who listens, hears and integrates.  Make sure you allow equal time for both twins and that you don’t listen simply to reply but rather listen and hear so you integrate and understand.


The communicative Gemini energy is terrific for the New Moon in Taurus on Tuesday the 11th of May; sun and moon are loosely conjoined to Change Agent Uranus.  Remember to hand write your intentions and goals for the next month and season and plant them in the fertile May earth.  Three days later, Generous Jupiter rolls into Mystical Pisces where he’ll stay until the end of July.  Jupiter loves Pisces, the ruler of music, visions, dreams and all manner of water.  This combination helps to unify, bringing us together by finding what unites us rather than divides us.  Jupiter is the planet of Faith in the spiritual sign of Pisces; in turn, we focus more on faith rather than FEAR, false, evidence appearing real.  Jupiter takes the edges off the divisiveness in our world and inspires, gives hope.

On Friday, May 21st the Sun moves into Gemini joining Valuable Venus and Messenger Mercury as we find our ideas, thoughts and words witty and quick to the draw.  The Gemini planets helpfully align with Taskmaster Saturn in Aquarius which, two days later turns retrograde.   We do not tend to feel these outer planets reverse gears as we do say Mercury, Venus and Mars. 

Nonetheless, when the planet of dharma and karma turns retrograde, we tend to be a bit more cautious and careful, preparing us for the first eclipse of 2021 on Wednesday, may 26th.  And it’s a Full Moon Total Lunar eclipse in Gemini and Sagittarius, meaning:  the Sun is in the air sign of Gemini opposite the Full Moon in adventurous Sagittarius.  Both Sun and Moon challenge Jupiter in Pisces, pushing us to search for truth in the midst of thick spin, smoke and mirrors, and overthinking.  Watch your words, that you say what you mean and mean what you say at the end of May.  Thoughts and language are key this week. Be careful of overpromising to anyone about anything if you cannot sincerely honor your commitment. 

This is particularly important as this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls just days before Mercury turns retrograde in the sign of communication, Gemini where it will stay for 6.5 weeks until July 11th.  Good thing Messenger Mercury will only be retrograde through June 22n, at the time of the summer solstice.  Just remember to do the RE words for the next three weeks:  Rest, Restore, relax, renew, Revisit, renovate, research.  For the next three weeks, hold off on signing any major documents, or significant purchases such as homes, cars or appliances.  Use this time to do your research on best products and financing.


With the Messenger Mercury retrograde, the first three weeks of June are excellent for taking time off or moving into the SLOW lane.  Moving more mindfully is KEY this month because as relatively quiet the prior few months have been cosmically, June is a full of gear shifts.  First up is Valuable Venus who turns into Cancer the Crab.  Venus thrives in this maternal, nurturing and compassionate sign. 

Bask in the homemade treats she has in store especially as gearing up for the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini on Thursday, June 10th.  Conjoined to Messenger Mercury, this eclipse is all about communication:  your thoughts, words, intentions, language, and conscious mind.  Watch for matters involving siblings, your car, neighbors or community surfacing.  Mystical Neptune challenges Mercury during the eclipse requiring us to REALLY FOCUS and pay attention as the air is rife with disillusionment, fantasy and escape.  Discern what is real or what is not, fact vs. fiction, truth or illusion.  Listen as much as you talk and speak.  Ask questions if you don’t understand. Look for spin doctors, con artists and take note particularly as Mercury is Retrograde right now, if you can hold off on major purchases until the end of June, all the better. 

Two days later, Motivating Mars rolls into festive Leo. You will feel your creativity soar for the next two months.  Enjoy, as this is a super fun and playful placement.  Then, the third week of June we have a number of cosmic gear shifts in quick succession leading into the summer solstice.  First, Generous Jupiter turns retrograde on Sunday, June 20th.  We don’t feel this so much but may experience some delayed gratification in our goals.  The next day is the Summer Solstice on Monday, June 21st as the Sun moves into Cancer the Crab on the longest day of the year!. 

Great timing too as Messenger Mercury turns direct motion the next day, Tuesday, June 22nd.  Proceed with large purchases such as cars, homes and appliances and signing major documents and contracts. A good thing too as we see exactly what we’re getting under the light of the Full Moon in practical Capricorn on Thursday, June 24th.  The next day, the tides roll out as Dreamy Neptune turns retrograde has us reflecting on our deeper, soul purpose.  Last, Valuable Venus changes signs to join Mars in Look at me Leo.  For the next month, these two will be the spice of life by bringing a much needed sense of humor and fun to our world.


The Peak Month of the Summer is notably calmer than June as there are fewer planetary shifts and events.  That said, Motivating Mars joins the ongoing fray between Radical Uranus and Taskmaster Saturn for the first week of July.  It translates as deep frustrations in particular areas of our lives.  Fortunately, after the holiday weekend of July 4th, the tension begins to ease up heading into the New Moon in Cancer the Crab on Friday, July 9th

Feel the flow!  Because we will be IN IT as Dreamy Neptune aligns with both Sun and Moon, our will and emotions.  Beach and boating activities, any water born endeavor really, will be magical this second week of July.  Venus joins Mars in Leo, moving him off the very hard edge he made earlier in the month to Uranus and Saturn.  The dynamic duo make for a joyful, festive and creative mid month while Messenger Mercury finally shifts out of Gemini on Monday, July 12th where its been since early May!  Now in Cancer the Crab until the end of the month, our mind and words turn toward home, family and food. 

Venus dances away from Mars as she shifts into Virtuous Virgo, the same day that the Sun turns into Leo on Thursday, July 22nd.  Pay particular attention to messages, communication and what you are being shown now under the blazing light of the Full Moon in Aquarius the very next day, July 23rd.  Messenger Mercury opposes Pluto and while we may not like what we are hearing or seeing, it is incredibly important to pay attention to what crosses our radar and not sweep it under the rug.

The following week Messenger Mercury turns into playful Leo on July 28th followed two days later by Mars entering Virtuous Virgo.  In between, Generous Jupiter backs out of Pisces and reenters Aquarius where it will remain for the rest of 2021.


The Luckiest Day of the year 8/8 if you follow Chinese numerology.  8 is believed to bring good fortune and be terrific for building firm foundations.  So it is notable that the New Moon in Leo occurs on this most auspicious day, Sunday, August 8th.  Watch for potential big announcements around this time as Messenger Mercury conjoins the Sun and Moon.  All in expressive Leo, who loves to make a splash. Make sure to hand write your goals and intentions for the coming weeks and months and plant them in the ground to grow and multiply. 

On Thursday, August 12th, Messenger Mercury shifts into its own sign of Virgo, sharpening our minds and words into precise, detailed and efficient language.  Virgo rules health, work and service so we pay more attention to these arenas of our lives.  As Mercury gradually joins Motivating Mars in Virgo and both align to Uranus in Taurus, our ingenuity to streamline our lives is unbeatable now.  It is excellent energy for planning and preparing, focusing on healthy choices, whether food, exercise or lifestyle, what works well.  The downside of Virgo is perfectionism:  to watch for anxiety, guilt, worry or trying to control all the moving parts of your life.  Do what you can as best as you can and let the rest go!  Analysis paralysis just isn’t worth it! 

On Monday, August 16th we receive some help as Valuable Venus moves into her own sign Lovely Libra.  Here she seeks to bring balance to our world through grace and beauty.  We will need her help as the trickiest day of the month and perhaps the year approaches on August 20th when Radical Uranus turns retrograde until January 2022.  This gear shift is never comfortable as Uranus rules shock and surprise.  Expect the unexpected around this time especially as Uranus turns retrograde leading into the Full Moon on Sunday, August 22nd.  The Moon conjoins Jupiter in Aquarius, ruler of Uranus.  With both the Sun and moon in the final degrees of Leo and Aquarius, we could be in for a big awakening, or surprise. Again, I must emphasize this could be the trickiest period of all 2021.

The drama may quickly die down as the Sun turns into Virgo the very next day on August 23rd, joining Mars while Messenger Mercury moves into Lovely Libra a week later on August 30th, balancing out our thoughts and words.



Opens with a Labor Day New Moon on Monday, September 6th in Virtuous Virgo, the very sign of work, labor, service and health.  Both Sun and Moon loosely conjoin Motivating Mars, our energy and drive to get things done, as it exactly aligns to its elder sibling Powerful Pluto.  Talk about getting some help where and when its needed.  This is one powerful New Moon for manifestation.  Be sure to set your intentions and goals over the coming month and season. 

Talking about Power, Valuable Venus shifts into Scorpio on Friday, September 10th.  Scorpio rules power, money, shared resources, joint finances and yes, secrets.  Venus brings all of these in spades through the end of September.  Meanwhile, her counterpart Mars turns into Libra on September 15th.  Lovely Libra which rules relationships, art and beauty is not the most comfortable fit for Masculine Mars who prefers battle and conflict. So for the next two months during its tour in Libra, watch that you aren’t picking fights or looking for trouble where there is none. Best to use this energy to build constructive and productive relationships, including with yourself.

Fortunately, Taskmaster Saturn and Radical Uranus give us a bit of reprieve from their year long struggle as they pull apart, separating for the greatest distance in the sky during September and October.  Take advantage of this break by creating what you want to grow in the months to come.  The breathing room these two offer us is part of the Full Moon on Monday, September 20th.  This is a particularly tricky full moon as the Sun conjoins Mars opposing the Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune, the ruler of Pisces.  Illusion, escapism and fantasy are hard wired into this Full Moon so we will need all of the discernment and discriminating skill the Sun in analytical Virgo has to offer.  Watch for wanting to run away from everything, wanting or expecting life to be other than the way it actually is, fact versus fiction, and illusion versus reality that results in big disillusionment.  The only way out of this is through curiosity and asking questions.

If we do not get a handle on exactly what is going on, what our situation truly is, we certainly will when Mercury turns retrograde on Monday, September 27th, giving us the next three weeks to reflect, review, and revisit our lives, to take stock and get a handle on who we are and how to proceed from here.


Can you say LOTS of cosmic gear changes this month? And all in a good way as all three heavy hitters, Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn turn direct motion along with Messenger Mercury.  However, until they get going forward again, the opening week of October may feel very sluggish.  You may find your energy is stagnant or you just cant make any headway on projects or goals. 

Then like dominoes, the energy begins to shift as Powerful Pluto turns direct on Wednesday, October 6thth, the same day as the New Moon in Libra!  Talk about manifestation to the max!  This is one crazy strong in a good way New Moon.  It is conjoined to Motivating Mars and Messenger Mercury, giving us an abundance of giddy up and horsepower.  With 4 out ten planets in Libra, we feel centered, balancing our lives and relationships comes more easily, gracing us with an artful outlook, beauty and peace. Take advantage of this energy!   Remember to handwrite your goals that you hope to manifest over the coming days and months and plant them in the ground. 

The very next day, Valuable Venus rolls into adventurous Sagittarius for the rest of October, opening us up to learning and seeking answers, or perhaps stoking our interest to travel near and far.  A few days later on Monday, October 11, Taskmaster Saturn turns direct motion followed by its counterpart Generous Jupiter on the Monday, the 18th.  It is especially noteworthy as Messenger Mercury turns direct the very same day as Jupiter.  Expect a BIG announcement or to receive news around this time as we head into the Full Moon in Aries on Wednesday, October 20th..  The Aries Moon opposes the Sun joined to Mars in Libra so please take a breath, take a beat as needed and hit the pause button as this full Moon approaches from Sunday, October 17th through the 20th.   Even if you aren’t looking for trouble or a fight, others may be… so tread lightly.

With the two titans, plus Pluto, and Messenger Mercury all now forward motion again within the span of two weeks, we feel the weight of the world has fallen from our shoulders.  That or that we are now able to see more clearly and understand what’s up.  Any projects, purchases or plans that you have been holding off on during the last three weeks of Mercury retrograde, proceed as needed. Go ahead and sign major documents or significant contracts that you have held off on.

A few days later, on Saturday, October 23rd, the Sun moves into Scorpio followed one week later by Mars on Halloween, Sunday, October 31st.  Just in time to get your spooky ON!


Boom, boom, boom we have several planetary gear shifts right off the bat as November breaks open with the New Moon in Scorpio, on Thursday, November 4th.  This is no lightweight New Moon and promises to unleash secrets and surprises in the coming days and weeks. Both Sun and Moon directly oppose Radical Uranus in Taurus with Taskmaster Saturn challenging all of them in fixed signs. Meaning:  no one wants to budge from where they are.  You may feel dug in or feel the resistance of others to your ideas and efforts.  Use caution at the beginning of November with this New Moon.  The energy is combustible and laden with deeply layered psychology.  Particularly noteworthy, Venus is at the final degree of Sagittarius at this New Moon, making sure the truth is told, seen, and heard. 

All to say, the seeds of this New Moon will be harvested two weeks later on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the money signs, Taurus and Scorpio.  This November is not for the faint of heart.  The day after the New Moon, Valuable Venus turns into Capricorn, pragmatic, cold and calculating, while Messenger Mercury shifts into Scorpio the next day, Saturday, November 6th.  What Mercury turns over from its detective work digging underneath the surface, it hands over to Venus to manage.  In Capricorn, she doesn’t care whose toes she steps on as she takes control. 

We feel the energy build toward the mid-month Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Friday, November 19th.  Messenger Mercury and Motivating Mars join the Sun in Scorpio opposite the Taurus Moon shining a spotlight on any dirt or dreck swept under the rug over the past months or years.  There is no hiding from anyone or anything now!  The rug is fully pulled out from underneath anyone trying to cover up or conceal what must be known. 

Whatever is revealed by the eclipse will handed over to Mr. Sun to deal with three days later, when he turns into Sagittarius on Monday, November 22nd.  This fiery sign of education, spirituality and the law takes all that was turned up by the Lunar Eclipse and either teaches it a thing or two or prosecutes to the fullest extent possible.  If you needed a reminder to keep your ducks in a row, mid-to late November is here to tell you.  Especially after Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 25th when Messenger Mercury joins the Sun in Sagittarius to really tell it like it is.  You, me, everyone will see and hear the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the Truth by month’s end.


Shortly after December opens we have the second of the two eclipses of this fall on Saturday, December 4th.  It occurs on the New Moon and is a total Solar Eclipse in truth telling Sagittarius.  With both the Sun and Moon tightly conjoined to Messenger Mercury in honest, adventurous Sagittarius, we speak our minds, or, speak truth to power regardless of the consequences.  So aim your arrow high and long.  You will be sure to hit your intended target.  Remember to set clear intentions and goals for what you seek to manifest in the coming weeks and New Year just around the corner.

At mid month, Motivating Mars joins the Sun in Sagittarius passing the baton to Messenger Mercury as it exits into practical Capricorn on Tuesday, December 14th.  While Sun-Mars are focused on education, travel, truth and justice, Mercury ruler of our minds and mouths pursues real world application of all that book learning.  I mean, how are you going to make your ideas work on the ground?  It wants to know.

Mercury tips us off as Valuable Venus turns retrograde motion in the sign of Capricorn on Saturday, December 18th.  For the next 40 days and 40 nights, Venus, planet of love, money and relationships has us reflecting on pieces of ourselves we have disowned, or never recognized in the first place, what Carl Jung calls our shadow.  In Capricorn, we are to look at the basic foundations of our life.  Is it firm or flimsy?  Do the bare bones and cold, hard facts of our lives need reworking?  Venus rules Values and in Capricorn, she wants a full accounting, hard look taking stock at what we’re made of.

As this occurs in the deepest, darkest part of the calendar year in the Northern Hemisphere, it is an excellent time to turn inward for meditation and contemplation.  It is no accident that Venus turns retrograde just one day before the Full Moon on Sunday, December 19th.  Under the glaring spotlight of the Full Moon, we can see exactly where we fall short in our relationships, including to our self, our primary relationship.   We stand naked under the spotlight of the Full Moon in communicative Gemini opposite the truth telling Sagittarius Sun, highlighting the good, the bad and the ugliness of who we are, our flaws as well as our perfections.

Until late January 2022, use this passage to review and reconnect with parts of yourself and your life, what you may have forgotten about or pushed aside.  The best use of this time between December 18 and January 29th, 2022 is to review your financial situation and spending habits; reconnect with old friends or relatives; embark on reflective retreats; do deep psychological dives to revisit pieces of yourself that need to be re-worked.

What is for sure, is that if you are willing to invest the time and yes, a little money in knowing yourself better, you will emerge from this period with greater self respect and clearer understanding of how to move forward.  Just remember:  BUY YOUR HOLIDAY GIFTS before December 18th this year!  Do not wait until the last minute as purchases made after December 18th when Venus turns retrograde will be returned.

Four days after Venus turns retrograde, the Sun joins her at the Winter Solstice on Wednesday, December 22nd.  From here, the light only grows stronger and brighter. So too may your year ahead in 2022!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  May 2021 be infinitely easier for you and your loved ones!

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