Burning Down the House

August 2020

Entering the Cosmic Birth Canal

September 2020

Don’t let the title of this month’s blog scare you.  It aptly describes the momentous shift occurring now.

An oozy, bluesy Full Moon greets us on September 2nd.  Conjoined to dreamy Neptune in Pisces, the Full Moon opposes the Sun in practical Virgo, continuing the theme of sorting fact from fiction and truth from illusion.  There are those who still adamantly refuse to remove their rose-colored glasses, trapped in a web of nostalgia for days gone by and defiantly resisting changes here to stay; for others, the rose colored glasses were ripped off by stark reality of circumstance; then there are those who chose to take off the glasses and see with pristine clarity the facts of what is actually happening.

Let’s be clear:  the way of life we knew before March 2020 is gone. 

The blessing of this Neptunian Full Moon is gentle encouragement to accept what is, so helpful in these divisive times.  The Moon-Neptune in Pisces (feelings, inspiration and compassion) align with Generous Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus (reality based goals and values).  It spotlights what is truly valuable in our lives, what works vs. what most decidedly what does not work.  For some, opportunity abounds.  For all of us, the Sun in reality based Virgo helps us stay as grounded and centered as possible to gain perspective. 

Notice that the pace of life is decidedly slower now.  There is good reason:  Five planets are retrograde at the onset of September along with Motivating Mars crawling to a halt soon enough.  It will become harder to gain traction on any project or relationship.  We are now fully in the midst of a collective re-set.  The Old is rapidly deconstructing to make way for the New.  This process has been underway for some time. We are now entering the final stage with the onset of cosmic labor pains about to be in full swing as September is rife with planetary gear shifts.

The preamble to these occur on Sunday, September 6th as Messenger Mercury shifts into Libra and Venus into Leo.  Our mind and communication (mercury) and relationships and values (venus) have been working collaboratively for much of August.  This dovetail continues into September, yielding creative partnerships, pursuits and messaging.  A good thing, too, as we can use all the help we can get as Motivating Mars turns retrograde on Wednesday September 9th for the next two months!

In its own fiery sign of Aries, Mars the Great Initiator will push our buttons as it rewinds.  Mars and Aries are all about the forward thrust, getting on with it and moving ahead.  To say as humans we are supremely uncomfortable with Mars’ reverse motion is an understatement.  This period is notoriously rife with frustration.  So let’s take a look how to best manage this passage by remembering Mars retrograde Dos and Don’ts:

Between September 9 and November 14th, AVOID:

Purchasing anything mechanical, with an engine or motor:  appliances, cars, laptops, cell phones, electronics such as TVs, etc. 

Wait until after November 14th to launch a project, product or relationship. 

Mars and Aries are all about new beginnings, the BIG LAUNCH…so if you do try to push forward with an endeavor between 9/9-11/14, you may find yourself spinning your wheels and stuck in cosmic mud.

The Dos of Mars retrograde include the RE words:  Review, Research, Reflect, Relax, Renovate, Restore, Renew, Repair, etc.  Mars and Aries are all about ACTION so apply your energy toward all that needs a solid gut job – whether reviewing and getting a handle on your finances, clearing out a neglected space and refreshing it, revisiting a relationship or possession and repairing it.

A major cautionary note with this Mars Retrograde in Aries:  the red planet has been challenging the three heavy hitters Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter in Capricorn in August and now with its reverse gear, will continue to butt heads with the trio for the rest of 2020.  This, along with the extraordinary number of planetary transits, has sparked upheaval this year.

Ordinarily, Mars moves through a sign in 6-8 weeks; being 2020 of course, Mars will linger in Aries for six months, from June 2020 to January 2021, due to its retrograde cycle.  Its back and forth motion boxing with the big gun trio results in the New (mars in Aries) clashing with the Old (Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn).  In every possible way, any established tradition, custom, mindset, way of life is challenged by Mars in Aries, representing brand new energy.  The current period of history is akin to the early 20th century when agrarian way of life gave way to modern industrialization and monarchies collapsed like dominoes into rule by and for the people via democracy and communism.

We are not just witnessing history; we are each living history.  2020 marks the Great Shift when the old is disassembled to birth the new.  Mars retrograde from September 9th to November 14th marks the arrival of the train in the station.  You have just over two months to decide if you will climb aboard.  Some who long for the old ways will refuse to get on the train.  But the Train of Change is here and you can either get on and ride into the future or you can stay stomping your feet on the station platform.  Will you let life pass you by or will you venture into the unknown, uncertain yet promising?

A few days later, the first of the two titans turns direct motion.  Generous Jupiter  moves forward in Capricorn and gradually rejoins Pluto and Saturn through the rest of the fall season.  Over the next week, September 13-18, the Virgo Sun aligns with the three heavy hitters, all in earthy, practical energy.  The potency and power of this week abounds.  Planning and preparation (Virgo) team up with the goal and results driven Capricorn trio.  It is incredibly industrious, focused and realistic, boots on the ground energy.  Anything you are working on:  keep your eyes on the prize.  Do not let Messenger Mercury in Libra distract or second guess you from your purpose as it challenges the Power troika.  Especially, as in the midst of this week, the New Moon in Virgo occurs on the 17th.

This is one healthy, vibrant work horse of a New Moon. Both the Sun (our will and Self) and Moon (emotions) in humble, down-to-earth, responsible Virgo collaborate beautifully with the heavy hitters in Capricorn.  Wow.  This is a CAN DO New Moon; a feeling of there is nothing we cannot do.  Six out of ten planets are in pragmatic earth energy.  It is time to gather yourself together, get a handle on your resources, make a plan…more like a business plan, for your hopes, dreams, your life.  Prepare action steps.  If you ever asked yourself exactly how you were going to get from point A to point Z, this New Moon spells it out for you.  Again:  it is a matter of focusing on your outcome.  Think streamlining.  Eliminate the unnecessary and unwanted and stock up on what will move you closer to the finish line. On the 17th or 18th, hand write 3-5 intentions and plant them in the ground. 

The following week the Sun rolls into Lovely Libra.  Art, beauty, collaboration draw our attention as well as what is fair and just for everyone involved.  Libra seeks balance in all she does:  work/life balance, relationship peace and harmony.  So remember your own self-care and well-being in equal measure to your devotion to others.  Messenger Mercury in Libra opposes Mars in Aries and both challenge the Power Trio in Capricorn…resulting in a slow burn.  Resentment can build if you forget to pencil yourself into your own life.  Better to save a slice of cake for YOU or walk around the block to step away from a heated situation.  Fresh air breathes new life, ideas and momentum into tricky relationships and helps to pivot discussions.

The final week of September, Messenger Mercury shifts into Scorpio and opposes Radical Uranus in Taurus on September 27th.  VALUES anyone?  What are yours?  Who and what do we value in ourselves and others?  What is the right use of money, power, our skills and talents.  Mercury and elder sibling Uranus raise our consciousness about how we earn a living and spend or share our time, energy and resources. 

The next day, Saturn turns direct motion.  Within two weeks, both cosmic titans Jupiter and Saturn, have shifted gears.  In achievement-oriented Capricorn, the giants crack the whip as they challenge Mars.  We feel the weight of Responsibility, very much with a capital R.  Watch your frustration,  It may surface as others grind your gears…provoking, antagonizing, triggering.  These are Cosmic Labor Pains birthing a new consciousness.  How will you respond?  With the same old, same old replies or…new tactics?

Hard as it may be to do so, step back and step away.  Let nature take its course.  We are full on inside the Cosmic Birth Canal now.  Prepare for individual and collection change, emergence, elevation.  Remember:  out of chaos comes creation.  Out of chaos comes order.  But first: the mess, the dark and the dissent.


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