Getting Clear

June 2021

Getting Clear

June 2021

The month of June begins like a hangover from the end of May.  We find ourselves gulping for air left by May’s wake.  We are smack dab between two eclipses in Gemini with Mercury retrograde having kicked into gear two days before June begins.  With the Sun, Messenger Mercury, Valuable Venus and the Lunar north node all in Gemini, the air is thick and rife with communicative energy. So let’s talk Gemini.

This first of the three air signs, Gemini and its planet Mercury rule communication.  Its glyph is the TWINS, a dominant and passive twin of information exchange.  The dominant twin we know and love. It rules information sharing or dissemination:   the talker, speaker, social media maven posting multitudes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  The passive twin, however, we have a less developed relationship with (at least in western cultures).  This twin deals with information gathering and collection:  listening, hearing, meditating, cogitating on and processing all the data that crosses our awareness, which the dominant twin shares.

When managed well, Gemini energy is like an electric switch with which we take equal turns, on and off. Equal parts listening and integrating to sharing and posting.  Given that Mercury is retrograde until June 23rd, it is especially vital that we slow down and take our time processing and reviewing what crosses our radar.  I cannot emphasize enough the trickster energy at play during the first ten days of June. Miscommunication leading to misunderstandings are at peak torque this month.  So be very clear in your messaging; and if you are uncertain about another’s intent or meaning, ASK.  Do not hesitate to check twice if you do not fully understand what you are getting into. Last, by all means, if you can hold off on signing major contracts or significant documents, and delay purchasing big ticket items such as cars, homes, appliances as well as technology devices like phones and laptops, try to wait.

Between June 1st and 10th is as much a cosmic dead zone as there could be.  The stretch between the first eclipse on May 26 and June 10th, coupled with Mercury retrograde is a red flashing light:  stop, look, review, wait, research, think and think again.  This is NOT a time to advance or proceed with much of anything.  As I advise my clients:  you have to live your life.  Because life does not come to a screeching halt, each of us must continue with our day-to-day decision making.  Live your life.  But for anything of key importance now, it is best to do so on or after June 23rd to sign on the dotted line or run the credit card.

While otherwise dicey, we do have help during this stretch.  From Tuesday, June 1st to Friday the 4th, the Sun and north node duo in Gemini align with Saturn in Aquarius.  Use this time for connecting the dots, ideas, experimentation, networking, knowledge building, research and data collection, reviewing and writing.  On a positive front, this is a HIGHLY creative and innovative time.  Think of the eccentric artist or scientist working in their studio or laboratory.  Breakthroughs R-US.  Meditation, journaling, as well as employing all of the retrograde RE words:  rest, restore, review, reclaim, renovate, research are your guideposts.

On Tuesday, June 2nd, Valuable Venus enters nurturing Cancer the Crab, where she draws us to dote on our loved ones and practice radical self-care, what FEELS good and emotionally accurate.  This is the time to invest in yourself, your home and family (whether blood relatives or those who feel like family).   With all the sound and fury generated by planets in air signs, you may be very well want to withdraw into Cancer’s nurturing energy and cuddle up under the covers with a good book.

Withdrawing entirely from life is usually not an option for most of us; but as much as you can, take a beat and hit the pause button especially as Mars in Cancer opposes Powerful Pluto on June 5th and 6th.  We are shown in stark contrast boundaries that must be set within our household, family and diet.  Planetary oppositions poke our attention to raise our awareness.  If you have been giving and giving and giving and not saving any time for yourself, THIS dynamic will make you stop, stand up and take note.  Wherever your feelings, home life, family or food related relationships have run amok, Mars-Pluto draws a line in the sand and says:  stop in the name of love, for yourself and others.  It is high past time to get a grip on food, house, home, and family matters.  Mars in Cancer is also concerned with the homeland, our country or nation where we live.  Issues involving our nation’s border are keenly highlighted, the families being reunited or those still yet to be and how to create an immigration policy the majority can agree on.

Honest, clear messaging is all important as we head into the second eclipse of the year on Thursday, June 10th.  Messenger Mercury is closely tied to both the Sun and Moon, all in Gemini at the time of this New Moon Solar eclipse.  Gemini is known as the “salesman of the zodiac”; our minds, emotions and energy each challenge dreamy Neptune at eclipse time, making for one super slippery smoke and mirrors effect.  Things seem not to be as they appear; something doesn’t quite add up but you may not be able to put your finger on exactly what it is.  Think of this as a test:  to trust yourself, your intuition and gut feelings rather than being swept up in the moment or popular thing to do.  It is imperative now to say what you mean and mean what you say.  If someone is pushing an idea or product on you, or to get you to commit before you are ready, do not be afraid to stand in your power and hit the pause button.  Ask for more information and definitely more time to make your decision.  Time is on your side.

Be sure to harness the power of three key inner planets, along with the north node aligning to Saturn in communicative air signs, to set your New Moon intentions on June 10th.  Hand write 3-5 goals you desire to manifest over the coming month or season.  Either plant in the warm spring earth or set alight and release their ashes to the wind.

Two days later, on Saturday, June 12th, Motivating Mars shifts into Look at me Leo for the next six weeks. The planet of action is much more comfortable in this creative and festive sign.  Mars in Leo is ready to ROAR.  It wants to get the party started already; especially as many people are now vaccinated against Covid 19 and most of us are now living more outdoors with warmer temperatures.   Over the next month, gregarious Mars in Leo gradually aligns to the lunar south node in Sagittarius and healer chiron in Aries.  Time to let your freak flag fly.  Let loose and let it all hang out.  Pick your pleasure.

After a looonnnng cooped up and pent up year of pandemic rules and restrictions, the healing afforded in this grand fire aspect abounds.  Take advantage.  It’s time to play again, to plan gatherings with friends and family; think about fun activities like music concerts and indoor events, sporting or otherwise.  Summer upon us now, as the Sun makes its annual passage into Cancer the Crab, marking the longest day of the year via the summer solstice on Monday, June 21st.   The star coordinates make for one lovely solstice as Valuable Venus aligns with its elder sibling dreamy Neptune.  Our feelings, emotions and intuition guide us accurately.  Follow your internal GPS as it knows the way and will never steer you wrong.

The very next day, Tuesday, June 22nd, Messenger Mercury turns direct motion.   Thank goddess!  Time to proceed with any plans you have been brewing.  Go ahead and put money down on travel and entertainment.  Buy the tickets, sign the contract and seal the deal.  Mercury conjoins the lunar north node in Gemini aligning to Aquarian Saturn.  Our words pack a heavy punch especially under the spotlight of the waxing full moon in Capricorn on Thursday, June 24th.  If you have a message to get out, June 23rd-25th are THE days for heightened visibility and impact.  You will be seen and heard.  Connections are made and ideas exchanged, accepted and even acted upon.

The final Sunday of the month, June 27th, Valuable Venus joins her brother Mars in Leo.  Our energy AND our values now seek creative outlets through fun and festive engagement, relationships romantic and otherwise, as well as how we apply our skills and talents to earn a living.  For the next month, the passage of these two interpersonal planets in fun-loving Leo, mark a distinct gateway through which we say hello to enjoying life again and goodbye to Covid confinement.  We certainly learned a huge amount over the last year or so.  Most certainly, we’ll never take for granted the ease of walking out the front door without a mask, having dinner with others inside, or hugging far-flung relatives.  I know I’m more than ready to travel and play.  I bet you are too.

Of Special Note:

Enjoy my interview with Reiki Master and writer Liza Lentini on my next episode of Mystical Messages.  Liza specializes in animal and distance Reiki as well as teaching the modality via zoom.  Tune into our conversation on Friday, June 11th.





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