Are you the problem or the solution?

Try not to let the sultry summer month of July deceive you into thinking it is all that laid back.  Multiple layers of unfolding cosmic energy will have you feeling like you are fighting against titanic forces if you try to accomplish anything.  You are. Better to go...

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So what is your Rising Sign Anyway?

Even if we don’t believe in astrology, many of us know our astrological Sun signs.  I’m a Scorpio, you’re a ­­­­­­_______. But occasionally, we might hear the term Rising Sign.  Someone might say yes, I’m a Sagittarius with Libra rising.  Say what? What exactly is a...

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What is Your Moon Sign?

Many of us are familiar with our Sun sign.  We will occasionally read our horoscope in newspapers, magazines or on-line.  Sometimes these messages ring true and other times, not so much.  At parties someone may casually mention he is a Taurus or Sagittarius.  But...

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Expect the Unexpected: Double Eclipses

As befitting the sign of Aquarius which colors much of February, this is a rather unusual month celestially. The air sign of Aquarius and its planet Uranus rule anything off beat, non-mainstream, unpredictable, sudden, avant garde, genius and ingenuity. Think Thomas...

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Hilary Harley

Hilary Harley

Astrologer & Reiki Master

I have been studying astrology since 1998 and practicing reiki since 2015. I am also the published author of Ring of Truth, and a practitioner of Kundalini yoga. Read my blog to learn how the metaphysical world impacts your life.

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