Putting All of Your Cards On the Table

                    Libra is known for peace, negotiation, art and beauty. It strives for balance, equality, and reconciliation between differences.  But this sign of order is lesser known for ruling open adversaries.  Libra represents opposing views and those who...

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Know How…And How!

A remarkably quieter month cosmically, September’s low key energy keep us grounded.  The fireworks of Leo’s August unfolds graciously into focusing intently on the details at hand.  Back to school and back to work means putting our heads down and training our eyes on...

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All New All the Time

August gives us a beautiful opportunity to begin our month and lives afresh.  The month opens with a brand spanking New Moon dancing on the cusp between July and August.  For those on the East Coast of the United States and Canada, the New Moon occurs near midnight on...

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Crunch Time

The third and final month of Spring continues to offer a great push forward.  Before eclipse season and Mercury retrograde in July, take advantage of this full steam ahead energy. Plant and tend to all relationships and endeavors you want to grow. June veritably drips...

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Back to Basics

May is rarely a quiet month.  Gardeners and outdoor workers go into overdrive; weddings and graduations multiply like rabbits, endings -leading to new beginnings abound.  In recognition of this, the cosmos is accordingly calm this May, acknowledging that our plates...

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Demo Day

This is no April Fool’s joke:  right out of the gate Motivating Mars shifts into communicative Gemini on April 1st . Our energies are directed toward thoughts, speech and language in all forms.  Positive (self) talk is vital for the next six weeks.  Refrain from...

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Marching Us Into Our Shadow and Our Soul

“Misty water-colored memories” is an incredible lyric from the film The Way We Were.   The lyric and film title may very well be the theme for March 2019.  It accurately describes the emotions sifting through us now as we head into some key cosmic gear shifts. Watery...

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Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is the messenger planet.  It rules communication, our conscious mind, thoughts, speech and writing.  To keep it simple I call it:  Messenger Mercury.  It also rules commerce, ground transportation (cars, trains, and buses), siblings, community and...

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Giving Birth

With all of the chaos and turmoil in the world right now, we are granted one true gift of cosmic grace.  All of the planets are direct motion during February.  This greatly aids our push forward with whatever we hope to accomplish.  Use this uncomplicated energy to...

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Hilary Harley

Hilary Harley

Astrologer & Reiki Master

I have been studying astrology since 1998 and practicing reiki since 2015. I am also the published author of Ring of Truth, and a practitioner of Kundalini yoga. Read my blog to learn how the metaphysical world impacts your life.

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