Marching Us Into Our Shadow and Our Soul

“Misty water-colored memories” is an incredible lyric from the film The Way We Were.   The lyric and film title may very well be the theme for March 2019.  It accurately describes the emotions sifting through us now as we head into some key cosmic gear shifts. Watery...

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Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is the messenger planet.  It rules communication, our conscious mind, thoughts, speech and writing.  To keep it simple I call it:  Messenger Mercury.  It also rules commerce, ground transportation (cars, trains, and buses), siblings, community and...

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Giving Birth

With all of the chaos and turmoil in the world right now, we are granted one true gift of cosmic grace.  All of the planets are direct motion during February.  This greatly aids our push forward with whatever we hope to accomplish.  Use this uncomplicated energy to...

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Boom, Boom, BANG!

It is safe to say that many if not most of us are glad to bid farewell to 2018.  If you weren’t challenged personally this year with a crisis or pivotal life event or crossroads, then you were stuck and mired when trying to move forward. We were bombarded by cosmic...

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A Reprieve

Feel like 2018 had you running the gauntlet?  You are far from alone.  For most it has been a savage year.  The exceptional number of retrograde planets on top of multiple eclipses has left us betwixt and between. Focusing on your own goals and life continues to be...

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Venus Retrograde: Reclaiming Your Power

After a bit of a planetary reprieve last month, gear shifts kick in right at the outset of October.  I hope you made the most of September’s cosmic lull by moving forward where you needed to.   September is rarely a quiet month and the last few weeks lived up to its...

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Coming Up for Air: Going the Distance

What a time we have had.  WHEW!  A most challenging summer.  One for the record books really.  Even if you didn’t experience a crisis or significant stress, you may have felt just “off”, mired in the sluggish and difficult mucky energy, spinning your wheels.  For most...

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Hilary Harley

Hilary Harley

Astrologer & Reiki Master

I have been studying astrology since 1998 and practicing reiki since 2015. I am also the published author of Ring of Truth, and a practitioner of Kundalini yoga. Read my blog to learn how the metaphysical world impacts your life.

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