Victim-Bully-Rescuer: what role will you play?

February 2017 Astrological Outlook

After reviewing the cosmic coordinates of which I was about to write, I paused.  The title.  What would I name this blog?   All fired up?  Ok but not great.  Rebel, Rebel?  Warmer.   With a Rebel Yell.  Mmmm.  I don’t think so.  It says something when the three titles emerging for this month’s message all have to do with fire and rebellion.   Each is pertinent.  Yet none of them rang true (see below).

To say that we as individuals and global society are on the edge of new thresholds, of breaking down the old to make way for the new is putting it simply. President Trump’s actions in the last ten days of January is a very vivid reminder of how one person can truly change the entire, interwoven landscape that we live in.

For those awake and paying attention, these days are fraught with a divisiveness that few living in the United States have witnessed, mostly not seen since the Civil War era 150 years ago.  This openly hostile energy fans out in waves like a tsunami, affecting all in its path.  The ripple effect globally (as that is the world we now inhabit whether acknowledged or denied) is indisputable.   A friend of mine recently reminded me of the drama triangle:  victim–bully/perpetrator—rescuer, and how we often subconsciously act these roles out in our personal lives and at work.  This is certainly the case with the collective psyche right now which has given rise to nationalism and populism by those who feel victimized/abused/abandoned in their life circumstances.

Each of us, our actions, words and intentions touch another.   Awareness of this fact is essential.  Living consciously of our behavior towards others minimizes the opportunity to slip into roles our better selves would not have us play (whether victim—bully—rescuer).   So forging through the days ahead, it is best to align your thoughts and efforts with the utmost honesty; that way, as a collective whole, truth emerges, is seen and heard, and will prevail.

Every ounce of pure, factual truth is necessary as February opens with raw fire power; a seething agitation fomenting stokes the unsettled undercurrents already surging at the end of January.  Prepare:  The next four weeks are not for the faint of heart.

At the very end of January, Motivating Mars (and ruler of war) entered its own sign of Aries.  A few short days into February, on the 3rd, Venus, planet of love and relationships joins her male partner Mars in Aries packing a fiery punch.  These two play duck and cover.  Watch for impulsivity, restlessness, anger, raw emotion and power releases.  Power plays and power grabs. The upside of the two interpersonal planets in Can-Do Aries is the willingness to take a fresh look at old situations and do something new, perhaps startling yourself and others.  In short, you won’t be sitting still.  Feel your get up and go?  Your push to do rather than think?

Blasting off is all very fine and well as long as you have a plan behind the intent.  Act smart and wisely, not just for the sake of poking a reaction.  This is crucial:  NO REGRETS.   Know that when you look back on your actions this month you left a catalog of deeds and words to feel at peace with.   When facing decisions, ask whether your choices will make you part of the solution or part of the problem.  Think before speaking; ask how you would receive the words (or actions) you are delivering?  Helping us now is Messenger Mercury and transformer Pluto in pragmatic Capricorn.  These two really apply caution to what courses through us.    It is truly very helpful to have checks and balances this week knowing one foot is on the gas and the other hitting the brakes.  Capricorn Mercury tempers our thoughts and language, while Pluto measures our urge to surge forward with cautious deliberation.  They say:   how will you manage all that you initiate now?  Be real and realistic.

Half of the planets are in cardinal (action-oriented) signs the first part of February.  We feel every bit of this.  Five out of ten planets tell us to go, go, go.   On the positive front:  those stuck in a rut may be catalyzed into movement.   It is an excellent time to launch new projects, ventures and relationships or re-start any of these that may have stalled or broken down.  Feel like you are on a launch pad ready for lift-off?  Well, you are!

Making February even more exciting is the helpful energy flow between Serious Saturn in adventurous Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries.  This gorgeous alignment fosters our breakthroughs, willingness to try something new and different, step out of our comfort zone and hiding place.  Ask:  what have you got to lose?  Nothing really.  And gradually during the coming weeks, Venus and Mars grow closer to Radical Uranus.  Forewarned is forearmed:  take precautions where you can; harness this rare power surge productively and positively; dance in the daylight rather than with your dark side.

Helping us hear our better angels now is Messenger Mercury’s turn into inventive Aquarius on February 7th.   The Messenger planet shines brightly in this communicative sign, where it is wildly creative, imbuing our thoughts with keen insights and initiatives.  Over the next week, February 7-14, Mercury aligns beautifully with Venus and Mars in Aries, adding to our creativity and keeping our head calm, cool and collected.  Such detachment serves us well.  Our minds are particularly sharp and clever with the lunar eclipse of the Full Moon on February 10-11.    Mercury and the Sun (our thoughts and will) in Aquarius help minimize the drama otherwise abounding with this Leo Full Moon baiting us into playing said roles mentioned above.

The creative potential for this eclipse is immense with the gorgeous alignment between Aries Uranus, Sagittarian Saturn and the Leo Moon opposite the Aquarian Sun.   Can you say:  genius?!   Feeling boxed in (caged, perhaps) by life circumstances or relationships?  This planetary formation shows you the way out.  Possibly more than one solution emerges.  We, each of us, whether you think of yourself as creative or not, are in fact inventors of our lives, manifesting our potential every single day.  What direction is it you want to turn now?

Adding to this celestially action-packed week, Generous Jupiter turns retrograde motion in Libra on the 6th.  We may feel the urge to pause ever so gently in our relationships, both to ourselves and others.  This energy acts much more subconsciously and subtly than say when Messenger Mercury turns retrograde, causing communication snafus.  With Jupiter’s inward motion, we may ask:  what am I getting out of this relationship?  Am I benefitting others, my partner, family, co-workers, myself…and how?  Jupiter’s continued opposition to Radical Uranus expands our awareness to a larger world view as to how our actions impact our community and environment including the animal and plant kingdoms, the very air we breathe.

Uranus is the Great Awakener and we awaken now individually as well as the collective body, while it forms helpful planetary angles.   The Resistance movement in the United States has stirred a sleeping giant and will blossom, full blown.  At stake is nothing less than Earth itself.  If there is one thing each of us has in common with our “other” fellow man, it is our beloved planet.  We are reminded now that precious natural resources of the earth are not to be taken for granted (as signified by Uranus’ challenge to Jupiter and Pluto).  How we use these resources truly matters as much as how we steer our personal drive, energy and focus.

With the preponderance of invention and creativity now, harnessing renewable energy sources (such as solar and wind) rather than further exploiting Mother Earth for limited fossil fuels makes sense.  Time to divest from our personal and collective need for ego power trips and do what is right  for the long-term, the future of our children.  Jupiter in Libra reminds:   the health of the land, air and sea is a relationship we all need and can agree on.

Faith, understanding and a universal ONE-ness, arrives with the Sun’s entrance into dreamy Pisces on February 18.  Through the end of the month, our will conjoins with the Lunar South Node, then Neptune, clarifying, distilling, releasing.  The final sign of the zodiac, Pisces represents the highest and lowest of humanity:  the saints and angels along with the derelicts and addicted.  As always, we have a choice about how we direct our will.  Choose wisely during the final days of February.  Are you trying to escape and avoid something or someone?  Or are you applying elbow grease and know-how, good old-fashioned effort to solve your situation?

With the Sun’s conjunction to the South Node and Neptune opposite the Lunar North Node in industrious Virgo, we may be very tempted to press the escape button.  Watch for (excessive) drug and alcohol use, avoiding emotional relationship hurdles requiring effort and work (including clearing up our own act!)  Help is available now for the asking.   If no one has told you or given you permission:  It is OK to be vulnerable, not have all of the answers, admit we need help.  Focus on productive work, conscious healthy living, and mindful well-being.  Ask how can you be of service to others?  Thereby helping yourself along the way.  For as the visionary New Moon in Pisces on February 26th instructs:  we are ONE.  We are the collective body, collective mind, collective soul.  Flow now into your highest Self, listen to your better angels, follow their guidance to heal yourself and the world all around.

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