Re-Evaluating Value

Re-Evaluating Value

There is no question about it now:  we are in the thick of immense change.  We are swinging on a door about to permanently close on paradigms that are no longer relevant for us going forward.  We’re about mid pivot now.  As we close out 2021, we say our goodbyes to what is no longer true or honest.  

The last two months of October and November were not easy as we faced some very heavy facets of our lives and waded through deep, shadowy terrain.  The good news is we have help in December; that said, we still have two more months of big soul work to do.  The marathon of heavy soul lifting is not over just yet.

December opens with dreamy Neptune turning direct motion on the first of the month.  Typically we do not feel the gear shifts of the outer planets as they are so far away from earth; however, we are fortunate that Neptune helpfully aligns to Motivating Mars and Valuable Venus as it moves forward again.  The effect allows us to release and let go of what we no longer need (Mars-Neptune) while receiving resources to build a new structure for our lives (Venus).

This is no small thing.  Take advantage of this alliance and make good use of it. 

The Moon enhances the cleansing and shedding process as she joins Mars in Scorpio on December 2nd during the dark phase of the moon.  We are preparing for a new passage.  Feel the release.  Because two days later, the second of two eclipses occurs. The New Moon in Sagittarius greets us on Saturday, December 4th with a total solar eclipse.

We live, we learn. We study, we learn.  We ask, we learn.  Why is the key to unlocking all of the answers we seek.  With both Sun and Moon (our will and emotions) in educational Sagittarius we are on a quest, to know the purpose behind who and what.  We want to know for the sheer sake of learning.  November’s Scorpio energy turned over the soil of our lives, the good, bad and ugly.  Now in December, we want to know the composition of that soil:  what are we made of?  Existential?  Absolutely.  Our mission is the pursuit of Truth.  There is no finite and definitive destination.  Only the adventure of learning, to understand.  Not because we do understand the question at hand; rather, simply for the joy of learning.

We are freshly cleansed, purged and prepared for our journey ahead.  And on Monday, December 13th, Motivating Mars turns into Sagittarius; increasing our purpose, driving us onward and broadening our horizons.  Sagittarius rules foreign travel and the law, both earthly and cosmic.  As above, so below.  Mars underscores the zero tolerance for shading the truth now.  Best to avoid run-ins with the law.  Live honestly or else.  Do yourself a favor:  drive the speed limit and speak/act accordingly in order to render a life without regret.

The very next day, Tuesday, December 14th, Messenger Mercury enters Capricorn. In the game of Truth or Consequences, Sagittarius is Truth while Capricorn equals Consequences.  You either have it (fill in the blank) or you don’t.  You either told the truth, or you didn’t.  Capricorn is black and white.  There is no gray territory here.  Valuable Venus has been cycling through Capricorn for over one month already and is about to turn retrograde for forty days.  With Mercury now joining Venus in this calculating sign, our minds and mouths have little time for waste or inefficiency.  Capricorn rules the ledger of life, the great Plus and Minus columns tracking our deeds, and yes, misdeeds. 

Goal oriented and business-minded, we want to know the most cost-effective and efficient route to your target.  Leave Sagittarius to figure out the great “why’s” of life.  Mercury and Venus in Capricorn drill down into the how and when questions.  So you want to climb to the top of the mountain?  How are you going to get there?  This is quintessential planning and preparation energy.  If you cannot answer the “how” questions, such as, how are you going to get to your goal?  You’d better think it over.

Enter Venus retrograde. 

On Saturday, December 19th, Valuable Venus shifts into reverse gear until the end of January 2022.  Each interior planet retrograde cycle offers us a period of reflection.  Venus reverses motion every 18 months.  In Capricorn, she is not her usual warm and cozy self.  She is reserved, calculating and status conscious.  Venus rules love, money and relationship.  In short, she rules worth.  While turning Retrograde, Venus asks:  what are you worth?  What are your time, energy and talent worth?  She prods us to know what we’re getting into and pushes us to ask uncomfortable questions before committing ourselves to anything or anyone.

To raise the stakes, Venus turns retrograde tightly conjoined to powerful Pluto on the same day as the Full Moon.  This is a very treacherous stretch of time. Watch for power plays, power couples, relationship demise and money debacles.  If any of your relationships are on shaky ground, including to yourself, your bank account or skill set, you have the opportunity to make things right OR will be made to do so in short order.  It depends on how aware you are or, instead, have you been sweeping things under the rug.   

Individually and collectively, the bill comes due.  Pay up and pay it off.  Capricorn keeps score on the great cosmic ledger.  It is no accident that the debt ceiling of the United States is once again on the political crapshoot table.  Will Congress get our nation’s financial house in order?

 Also at play is the steep labor shortage.  Venus rules our talents, money and wages.  How we earn a living.  Never in the history of the country have so many people chosen NOT to work:  an estimated 10 million people have walked out of jobs in what is now called the Great Resignation.  However, during Venus Retrograde in icy Capricorn, they may think again.  If they are not able to make the rent or pay down college or car loans, these folks may find themselves answering calls for help wanted.

Here are few guidelines to help you navigate the next six weeks: 

Avoid temptation.  People from the past often show up during Venus retrogrades.   Expect that old boyfriend, long-lost relative or schoolmate to resurface.  In regard to old flames, if you decide to go there, do not expect much good to come of it.  Relationships begun or resumed under Venus retrograde fizzle out.  There is little staying power.  Hence, temptation to indulge in affairs of the heart are strongly discouraged between December 19th and January 28th.  Don’t.  Just don’t.  And if you are considering getting engaged or married, wait for Valentines Day next February 2022.  You will be very glad you did!

Same goes for major expenditures:  avoid temptation.  Yes, we need to pay our bills; but this the window from mid-December through January 2022 is definitely not the time to buy a new car, house or boat.  Hold off on significant investments and launching key ventures or deals. 

So what can you do?  How can you make the best of this 40-day stretch?

The RE words.  Do them.  In the dead of winter, use this time for rest, review, research, renovation, renewal, restoring, relaxation and the like.  A heads up for the New Year:  with the overlap of Venus retrograde until the end of January, the new year of 2022 really does not kick in til the February New Moon.  Think Chinese New Year and that’s just about right for the actual cosmic New Year of 2022.  Anything started during January will find its wheels spinning in the mud.  Best to take your time.

In terms of holiday shopping:  buy your gifts during the first two weeks of December, definitely before the 18th, to insure your purchases are not returned.

The Full Moon falling on the same day as Venus retrograde conjoined to Pluto magnifies, intensifies and spotlights our relationships and the underbelly, shadowy dark side of these, including to ourselves, our wallets and finances, and our power:  how we use, abuse or do not exercise our power.

If you haven’t been standing up for yourself, you will be called to do so now.  Same with your financial house.  If it is out of order, you will be made to clean it up.  If you have abused or refused to exercise your power, it is time to pay the piper. 

December is the crescendo of a very difficult year where so many are finding there is no return to any kind of “normal”; that there is in fact no “new normal”.  That we are being called on to roll with what the tide brings in each day and count our blessings.  We may find this a bit easier as Generous Jupiter turns into Pisces on Wednesday, December 29th.

The titan of abundance revels in dreamy, inspirational Pisces for the next five months.  It is an unusually short tour for Jupiter in one sign.  Normally, Jupiter spends a whole year in a sign.  Not so now during this highly unprecedented time; when even predictable cosmic patterns are upended.  So make the most of this watershed moment guiding our transition from one year to the next; leading us into unity and materializing our dreams with the right effort, planning and solid hand on the helm.

 I promise if you keep searching for everything beautiful in this world, you will eventually become it. – Tyler Kent White

Of Special Note: 

Please tune into my podcast Mystical Messages on Friday, December 17th when my special guest Kerri Hummingbird joins me to discuss her work as a soul guide and shaman.  Together we explore this current passage we are all living through as it marks the end of one age and entirely new beginning.





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