The Great SHIFT Show

February 2021

The Great SHIFT Show

February 2021

Let’s call this month what it really is:  THE BIG SHIFT.  We are witnessing and living history now.  February 1st marks Imbolc, laying the ground work for spring and new growth.  We tend to much subconsciously, beneath the surface of ourselves, at a deep soul level.  Such a momentous time seldom occurs on a collective scale; and there is both immense chaos and ripe opportunity for those paying attention.

How do we manage or muddle through this passage?  Manage your expectations, of what is feasible, reasonable and possible.  A top priority is to take care of ourselves, our loved ones, our health and well-being.  Rest assured, the rest will take care of itself.  Ask: Where are your efforts best concentrated?  Make small goals to move yourself forward each day.  Rely on and use creative and innovative thinking.  Keep an open mind.   I cannot stress this enough as everyone seems to have an opinion and think theirs is the only one that matters.

Mid-winter is deeply upon us now, and we are inclined to, supposed to, turn inward.  It is a time of reflection and taking stock to prepare for the growing season ahead.  Aligning with our reflective mood, is Messenger Mercury’s retrograde cycle that began last month, at the end of January, and continues in reverse gear for the next three weeks, until February 20th.  This is a natural part of the planetary cycle, especially helpful for Mercury which rules our mind, thoughts and communication.  For if we were always pressing forward, we’d mentally exhaust ourselves, fizzle and burn out. 

Take advantage of this mental rest phase of Mercury retrograde by employing the RE words:  Research, rest, review, renovate, relax, revisit, reclaim…  It is an excellent time to clean out and take stock, whether a closet or your health habits. Until February 20th, refrain from major purchases (cars, appliances, homes); avoid purchasing technology products such as new phones, laptops or tablets; and hold off on signing significant contracts or documents.  Do your REsesarch for planned projects or potential products you need to purchase.

Now is the month to dive into innovation as we have loads of help on this front:  As February begins, five, yes, FIVE out of ten planets in our galaxy are in the inventive air sign of Aquarius.  These planets will be in Aquarius for the first three weeks, the balance of the month.  That is a whole lotta air.  So let’s talk Aquarius:  what you need to know about its upsides and challenges.

The second to last sign of the zodiac, Aquarius is a fixed air sign, meaning it has tremendous stamina, perseverance and strength around ideas and knowledge.  The air signs communicate.  Aquarius explores the information that Gemini gathers and shares and that Libra designs and mediates.  As a fixed sign, the buck stops with Aquarius:  it takes collected data and connects the dots, cementing it into knowledge. Aquarius’ key phrase is:  I KNOW.   

Just how does Aquarius know so much?

Through trial and error, inventing, testing theories, and experimenting, whether with humanitarian solutions or tangible products, or both, such as a vaccine to help eradicate a global pandemic.  Aquarius links together, ideas or people.  It is the collective and collective consciousness.

The caution with Aquarian energy is that it is so focused on its mission that it can completely forget about the rest of the world.  Think of an eccentric, mad scientist.  Like Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, it does its own thing in its own way.  Uranus is the only planet in our solar system that rotates vertically instead of horizontally.  It is known as the change agent and the Great Awakener.  Its purpose you ask?  To redirect us when we are off path or heading in the wrong direction; such as when life suddenly redirects us.  And yes, it uses shock, surprise, sudden events to shake us up and down.   Think of lightning strikes and earthquakes, both ruled by Uranus. 

Aquarians march to their own drummer; their theme song might as well be “Don’t Fence Me In”.  Its essence is:  different, non-mainstream, avant garde, unusual, and its favorite words are the three Rs:  Radical, Rebellious, Revolutionary.  This is where Aquarians can run into trouble, especially as a collective, a disorderly mob.  We have certainly seen this with the storming of the Capitol in Washington DC.

However, the highest use of this energy is for the benefit of the collective.  Think of noteworthy Aquarians who worked for the common good:  Thomas Edison, the record holder for patents; Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt.  Innovators all and professors of the human experiment.  The latter two stepped into the arena during huge times of national crises and delivered solutions to end human suffering.  Lincoln ended slavery while Roosevelt put people to work.

Deep into our current time of crisis, we can certainly use Aquarian innovation now.

This February, if we manage the dominant Aquarian energy for our collective, highest good, solutions abound. Think of it like playing an instrument within a band.  The other band members need you to do your part as much as you need them.   So let’s take a closer look at the five planets energetically weighing in most of this month, the Aquarian Fab Five.

First, the Sun, our will and identity, how we engage with the world cycles through Aquarius until the 18th.  Supporting the Sun is Messenger Mercury, the ruler of our mind and our mouth.  Mercury has super powers in Aquarius, delighting in the playground of connecting ideas.  It is spending an especially long time in this sign, from January 9 to March 15th, due to its three week retrograde cycle.  This lengthy stretch is an enormous help to us for solving stubborn problems through technology or innovative strategies.

Likewise Valuable Venus, brings people together, connecting us.  Aquarius is detached and emotionally removed; so Venus, the planet of love and relationships is particularly cool and reserved in this sign.  The higher use of her Aquarian passage is to observe how people may best collaborate.

The interior planets closest to the Sun are vastly strengthened by the two Titans Generous Jupiter and Taskmaster Saturn which shifted into Aquarius last December 2020. Together, we are concerned with the Greater Good; Aquarius is humanitarian, and wants what’s best for everyone, the common man most of all.  Aquarius treats everyone the same whether the garbage man or the CEO. 

As we approach mid-month, the New Moon joins the Aquarian Cadre on Thursday, February 11th, giving us six planets in the air sign for two days from late Tuesday, February 9th through Thursday, the 11th.  An Aquarius Moon is unemotional; the upside of this is that it allows for cooler heads to prevail.  Such detachment cannot be overvalued in such tumultuous times and will be greatly needed now as Saturn and Uranus square off exactly for the first time on Tuesday, February 16th.  Think of this as father and son, or brothers, in a stand-off, really dug in, or going at it with all their might in a boxing ring.

Uranus in Taurus demands we change our values, how we earn a living, the use of our skills, talents, and how we use our resources including Mother Earth.  Up against Uranus, Saturn in Aquarius resists, pushing back hard by asking exactly how we are going to meet the needs of so many people? The hungry, the unemployed, the uninsured.  It is helpful to watch out for surly My Way or the Highway attitudes.  Remember:  there are many ways to tackle a problem.  All roads lead to Rome.  The crux of this planetary clash between Saturn and Uranus forces us to work together to solve our common problems.  When we form a human bridge and unite to solve what plagues us we triumph.  Such as now, literally, during a pandemic, with the development of a Covid vaccine in record time. 

If we stubbornly refuse to budge, as many will, then disorder and disruption inevitably prevails.  Change is a coming whether we like it or not.  Uranus and its sign Aquarius rule change.  One thing is for sure:  the only constant in life is change.  And we are pushed like crazy to change and change now.

This may result in many of us feeling stretched really thin, perhaps beyond our breaking point.  Sometimes, it is said, you have to breakdown to breakthrough.  So as a kindly mental health suggestion, it is the perfect time to slow down and rest; especially given that the first three weeks of February,  Mercury is retrograde.

The planetary Fab 5 converge in Aquarius until February 18th, after which the Sun rolls into dreamy Pisces.  The final sign of the zodiac, Pisces is the sign of faith, to believe, of dreams and inspiration.  Pisces is the soul itself and seeks to unite us further where Aquarius left of collecting and gathering us together. With the Sun in Pisces, it is imperative to focus on what is possible, what you do want to manifest, not what you do not want in your life.  As John Lennon sang, “Imagine all the people, living life in peace.”

Two days after the Sun moves into Pisces, Messenger Mercury turns direct motion, continuing forward in Aquarius.  Its cycle through this airy sign of ideas and invention is most welcome and highly favored as Mercury is considered exalted in Aquarius.  Meaning, it shines so well in this intellectual sign.  Our minds are sharper, our words land better, and we connect to the right people and ideas while Mercury cycles through Aquarius.   Common sense AND ingenuity prevail.  Mercury’s lengthy passage through its favorite sign of Aquarius is one of the blessings of 2021. Count on this window to help you solve problems and find answers to stubborn questions. 

Rounding out February is the Full Moon on Saturday, February 27th in Virtuous Virgo.  Dream and go with the flow of the Piscean Sun, just as long as you remember to take a bath and brush your teeth, wags this health conscious Moon.  And don’t forget to do the dishes before you leave…

Of Special Note:  Two new episodes of Mystical Messages, my podcast are out this month!  If you prefer listening to my monthly astrology forecasts, my February forecast released Friday, January 29th. On Friday, February 12th, I’m thrilled to host the AHMAZING Lara Jaye, Light Language Pioneer, energy worker and international best selling author and speaker.  Tune in to hear us discuss her healing journey and how all energy is connected.  Tune in wherever you subscribe to your podcasts:


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